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Travel Tip: Catch a Live Taping

When I tell my friends to watch a TV show when they travel, they usually look at me weird or laugh histerically. But trust me when I say this is a fun and cheap way to spend a couple hours of your day and it’s absolutely free. Plus, it’s a great way to learn a little bit more about the pop culture of the city you’re in.

One thing I always do when I travel is find out what local TV stations are taping in that city and find out how to get free tickets. It’s usually as simple as sending an e-mail ticket request or calling a number.

Most TV shows I’ve been to operate in much the same way: you show up at the studio during the specified time, wait in line to be checked in, then make your way into studio for the show. Most television shows have a comedic audience warm-up personality that pumps everyone up and most often has free giveaways for the most enthusiast audience members. So bring your energy and volunteer yourself to answer trivia questions. You’ve got nothing to lose!

While I was in Australia, I went to a taping of the 7pm Project in Melbourne and had a blast. One of the hosts Hughey came right out to the audience and joked with us between commercial breaks.

studio_CBCIf you’re ever in Toronto, I highly recommend checking out a taping of The George Stromboulopolous Show. He’s the kind of guy that will stay and talk to the audience for hours and discuss everything from music to politics. If you’re into seeing some live music, check out a taping of MTV Live and find out when the next musical guest is on. Whatever show you decide on, go into it with an open mind. Don’t be afraid to meet some of the other audience members while you’re waiting in line, or hanging out in studio. I always get so many great tips from locals this way!

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  1. Dave Emilio says:

    I saw Letterman once. Great experience. I'd love to go again, or to something similar. Maybe Strombo is next for me> Nice post Tag!

  2. jaynegorman says:

    Great post! LA is perfect for this – studios are always looking for tourists on Hollywood boulevard to boost audiences and depending on what nights you are in town you can see some cool celebs!

  3. Nice post….I admire you author to catch the live TV taping….as it gives us a chance to get closer to the culture of that destination….Also mostly the TV channels are looking for the tourists to become a part of thei r show…

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