Traveling to Peru with Intrepid Travel

by Emma Hackwood

After being inspired by Mike and Jason’s trip to Peru, our very own Ashley Stinson went on an Intrepid Travel tour to Peru and claims it was the most amazing trip she has ever been on.

We started out in the capital of Peru, Lima. It is a cultural city filled with museums, restaurants and churches. It is a foggy gray city, so you have to look a bit deeper to see its beauty, but it’s well worth it. The Spanish architecture, and the most amazing colorful cuisine I have ever seen made this city one of the highlights of the trip!

From Lima we flew to Trujillo – a northern city in Peru where the surfing is great and the shopping is even better. The most amazing thing to see near Trujillo is the ancient adobe city of Chan Chan, in the Moche valley. It was built in AD 850 and most areas of the city are in perfect condition. Nearby is another amazing sight, the “Huaca de la Luna” or the “shine of the moon”. Built by the ancient Moche civilization, inside the temple are colorful red, yellow, and black murals that are still perfectly visible to this day.

After the historical and colorful sights of Trujillo, we took a short flight to Cuzco where the altitude is over 11,000 feet! It’s a beautiful city encompassing the old and new cultures of Peru. Make sure you stay hydrated or try some coca tea to beat the altitude sickness so that you don’t miss out on the Alpaca steak and Guinea Pig on a stick! The bustling cobblestone streets are filled with vendors, llamas and music. Many of the walls within Cuzco are original Inca constructions, meaning the stones are joined without any mortar and yet have lasted throughout the centuries!


The day finally came that I had been waiting for; the journey to Machu Piccu – the Lost City of the Incas. The Incas started to build the city around AD 1400 and it was never discovered by the Spanish, so it remains intact to this day. It has been declared a Historical Sanctuary and it is easy to see why. The feeling once you enter the Lost City is unlike one I have experience before. It was absolutely breathtaking, a city perfectly intact from so long ago, it had to be the most amazing sight I have ever had the privilege to see. It wasn’t just the vast sight of the ancient city, it was the beauty in the fact that the Inca people built the city in the 14th century without any modern technology. How could they lift the stones weighing more than 15 tons without any equipment? Somehow, they were able to shape and stack the stones so precisely you could not slide a knife between them and they have endured centuries, holding strong despite storms and earthquakes. It was an unbelievable experience to be able to visit such an amazing place and witness firsthand the mysteries of the Lost City.

There are so many things to see and do in Peru, it’s astonishing; the amazon, sand dunes, surfing and mountains, there really is something for everyone! And of course you couldn’t truly experience Peru without trying the cuisine! If Guinea Pig isn’t for your palate, there really is much more to choose from everywhere you go, and be sure the wash it down with some local Pisco Sour! Peru is such a beautiful country and after experiencing all of this I definitely plan to visit again someday.


Looking to book your next trip to Peru? Contact Ashley Stinson, an International Travel Consultant at the Flight Centre based in Guelph, Ontario who can be reached at 1 866 788 5105.

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