14 Family “Vacation” Ideas to Treat Mom at Home

by Emese Graham

There’s no reason Mother’s Day can’t be special while the family stays safe at home. A first-class flight, a race around the world, or a day at the beach can all be possible with a little bit of whimsy and imagination.

Treat mom to some giggle-filled family “vacation” time with these holiday-from-home ideas.

1. Go “Snorkelling”

It’s no Nusa Penida, but grab some goggles and drop a few figurines on the floor of the bathtub and you’ve got yourself a fun snorkelling excursion.

2. Visit a “New Restaurant”

father and son prepare mothers day meal

Gather some inspiration from cuisine around the world or travel-inspired recipes and treat mom to a world-class menu.

If you and Mom don’t live in the same house, treat her to some local takeout from her favourite foodie travel destination.

3. Build Sandcastles on the “Beach”

child builds sandcastles in a colourful bin

You can curbside order some play sand from a home improvement store or use the less messy kinetic sand for this one. Challenge each other to a sandcastle building contest in the backyard or inside in a big plastic bin.

4. “Revisit” Your Favourite Travel Destination

Recreate your favourite family vacation photos at home and then spend the rest of the day cackling at the results.


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5. Tour a “Castle”

Living room forts are an oldie, but a goodie. Build and decorate your storybook castle and spend the afternoon sharing snacks, reading fairy tales, and looking at pictures of real-life castles to visit in the future.

6. Go “Camping”

Until you can reunite with Canada’s great outdoors, setting up a tent in the playroom or the backyard is the next best thing. Everyone gets an extra oven s’more if they let mom nap in the tent for another 30 minutes.

7. Go “Surfing”

Dig out your surfboard, boogie board, or, heck, even a toboggan will do – it’s time for a trip to Kaua’i (ish). Practice your core strength and balance your way down a grassy hill.

8. Paint Your Favourite Travel Destination

Arts and crafts are fun for adults too! Set up a video chat with Mom and pick a photo of your favourite vacation spot to try painting at the same time.

9. Host a London “Afternoon Tea”

young girl wearing fascinator pours a cup of tea outside

What you might know as high tea is really afternoon tea, but no matter what you call it, spending a day making baked sweets and delicate sandwiches (before devouring it all while wearing homemade fascinators) is just about the best use of a Sunday we know of.

10. “Fly” First-Class

Have a cardboard box? Great. You have a plane.

11. Relax by the “Pool”

It’s probably a bit early to open up the backyard pool, but if you close your eyes, you can dip your toes into the kiddie pool on a sunny day and pretend you’re relaxing by one of Now Onyx Punta Cana’s six pools. Tropical mocktails (or some travel-inspired cocktails) seal the deal.

12. Throw a Dance Party

Grab the aux cord and surprise Mom with a dance party on her front lawn, scored by tunes from around the world.

13. Armchair “Travel” Together

Just like this creative couple, sit back, relax, and turn your TV into a tour of Norway, an Oahu beach, or a Kenyan safari.

14. Race “Around the World”

Create an obstacle course around the house using masking tape to direct the way. Or create a travel-inspired scavenger hunt with a gift for mom as the prize.

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