Veggie Treats in Greece

by Emma Hackwood
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Food plays a big part in your travel experiences, no matter where you are in the world. Leigh Gray shares her experience travelling through Greece as a vegetarian and some of the many veggie food options that are available:

On top of being the pickiest eater in the world, with a fear of trying new things, AND being a vegetarian, I thought to myself, how am I going to make it through ten days in Greece? Don’t they eat for lamb breakfast lunch and dinner? Yet, after recently returning home from my trip through the Greek Islands with Topdeck Travel, I’m happy to report that there were plenty of delicious meal options for a vegetarian.

To start my journey, my KLM flight served a fantastic cheese pie (I even asked for a second to shove in my bag for later). Once arriving in Athens I met up with our Topdeck group for our welcome dinner.  Glancing at the menu written in Greek, my stomach paining in hunger, I asked our guide for advice.  He told me that although you can find lamb on every menu, it’s mostly eaten by locals on traditional holidays only a few times a year. Although meat is usually the star of the greek meal, vegetarian options are in abundance and I was promised I wouldn’t go hungry.

Almost all starters are completely vegetarian including cheese and spinach pies, hummus and eggplant dips, grilled vegetables with pita, mushrooms stuffed with cheese, salads and rice wrapped in spinach and more.

Vegetarian Greek Meal


Ecstatic, I tried a bit of everything and was blown away by how fresh everything was.  I’ve never tasted such good grilled zucchini chips!

After being happy with the dinner options I now shifted my worry to the street meat and quick lunch options while on our shopping and hiking trips. A lot of free time and optionals were given to us on the tour so this I felt it would be a hurtle I had to get creative with.  I found Greece to be expensive especially for sit down meals and not to many people were keen on splitting a solid vegetarian meal.

sunset at greek restaurant


Most of the other travellers in my group wanted yiros/gyros (the traditional street meat wrapped in a pita with tzatziki).  I lined up behind them watching the man stuff the pita with an array of fresh vegetables and French fries and thought I’ll just ask for one without meat.  1.80 euro later I was in heaven.  I had tasted nothing like it!  Bar none, this was the best snack I’ve ever eaten.

gyros in Greece

A lot of Greek food is influenced by Italy, so a wide varieties of pastas and pizzas can be found at almost every restaurant.  This helped to give more options on a daily basis so I always something different to eat.

Food is so important while on vacation and Greece can offer you a wonderful culinary adventure.  So many options of wonderful fresh ingredients that dinning becomes a highlight of your trip.  Thank you Greece! I will most definitely be back!

Greece sunset

Looking for more information on travelling to Greece or with Topdeck Travel? Leigh Gray is an International Travel Consultant at our Flight Centre Burlington Mall location in Ontario and can be reached online or by calling  1-866-569-9549

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