Video: A Beginner’s Guide To Burning Man

by Emma Hackwood

A city built in the desert of Nevada every August, Burning Man is part art exhibit, part Carnival and well… virtually impossible to describe. With all walks of life coming together for a week of self discovery, self-sustainability and self-reliance, you won’t find vendors trying to sell you items at this festival. Instead, you’ll receive gifts, hugs, acts of kindness and a playground worth exploring.

burning man camp site

If you plan on heading down to Black Rock City this year or in the future, here are some friendly tips from travel bloggers Gone with the Wynns:


We left with big questions about Black Rock City…“Why do we come to the middle of the desert to gain a great sense of community and compassion?  What makes this city so different than our hometowns?  Can the spirit last more than a week?”  The only conclusion we came up with: everyone should experience Burning Man at least once! -Gone with the Wynns.