Video: Conquering Kilimanjaro

by Emma Hackwood

If you’ve ever thought about making the trek to Kilimanjaro, this video by Canadian filmmaker Arienne Parzei will give you some serious wanderlust and perhaps just the push you need to make it happen. From the beautiful imagery, to the honest narration about the whole experience, we can’t help but watch this video on repeat (friendly tip- watch it in full HD!)

Sometimes we underestimate ourselves but we’re truly capable of doing just about anything in this world.

Arienne says the most difficult aspect was the physical challenge of filming while hiking. Trying to focus on climbing, breathing, consuming enough water, and capturing interesting footage while maintaining a steady shot (that’s in focus!) became exhausting by day 2. For more tips on how to capture this experience on video, and what equipment you’ll need to bring, check out her blog.


Mt Killimanjaro Peak

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