Video: How to Travel with your Bestie

by Kristen Sarah

Everyone should travel at least once with their best friend. It will end up being one of the most memorable experiences of your life that you’ll frequently look back and reminisce about. When planning the ultimate trip with your bestie, there are some things you’ll both want to consider in order to have the best experience possible.


Decide on a Destination Together

Pick a destination you both want to visit. Perhaps one of you wants to spend a week in Mexico while the other has always wanted to visit Rome, but both of you have wanted to travel to Costa Rica as well. Costa Rica it is!



Decide what type of traveller you both are and compromise if you need to. One of you may like to lounge on the beach with a cocktail in hand while the other would prefer to try a surfing lesson. Why not do both? Even if surfing turns out to not be your thing, it will make your bestie happy that you joined in and I’m sure you’ll have a good time or at least, a funny memory to look back on. Also, you may be surprised and love something you thought you wouldn’t. Trying something you normally wouldn’t add to the beauty of travel. If you can’t compromise then agree to spend time apart and do the things you really want to do, while they do their own thing.


Eat Together

End each day eating together and chatting about the day and what you want to do the tomorrow. This will allow you to share your experiences with each other, reflect, laugh and also get an idea of what you both want to do the next day.


Agree to disagree

If you have a disagreement with each other, laugh it off. Don’t hold grudges or how you’re feeling from each other. It will build up and won’t make your travel experience as great as it can be.


Remember why you love your friend

Even when times get tough (which they almost always do at some point during travelling), remember that you are travelling with your bestie because they are one of your favourite people on earth and really, there isn’t anyone else you’d rather be doing this with.


Do you have any tips for travelling with a best friend? Leave your tips in the comments below.

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