Video: A Moment

by Emma Hackwood

It’s that time of year when Canadians come together to line the streets for some holiday cheer with their community. We couldn’t help but share this moment from the Toronto Santa Claus Parade captured by Jon Simonassi for My City Lives. This video encompasses a moment at that parade, a moment where nothing else in the city matters and a moment that kids will remember forever:

Have a favourite holiday memory?


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Congratulations to Cailin from Halifax for winning!

Cailin’s favourite holiday memory:

I have two favorite holiday memories!
When I was a little kid every Christmas Eve Santa Claus would come knock on our door before we went to bed and visit my sister and I and a few of our friends in the neighborhood. It was always so cool and exciting, but to this date my parents still won’t tell us who it really was dressed as Santa.
My other favorite memory is picking out the perfect Christmas tree every year with my father, I’m sure its something everyone might do but for me its always my favorite memory 🙂


Thank you to everyone who submitted their holiday memories.

Happy Holidays from the Flight Centre team!

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