Video: Sand Art in San Francisco

by Alicia Taggio

The beach is his canvas and the rake is his tool of choice. Meet Andres Amador; An Earthscape Artist who has brought beauty to a whole new level.

He creates large-scale murals on beaches up and down Northern California and his creations are simply breathtaking. This short film above was shot by Mike Kepka and featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.


“I got into different types of geometry around the world, such as crop circles and ancient architecture … things loosely labelled as sacred geometry,” Amador said. “I was on the beach explaining to a friend what I had been learning, and I realized that I could do these things on the beach. That could be the canvas! I couldn’t wait to get back to San Francisco.”

Photo: Mike Kepka, The Chronicle

Be sure to check out more of his creations on his website.



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