Video: Travel- What a Feeling!

by Emma Hackwood

Do you love to experience a country the way it really is, with people who live there and know it inside out? Whether it’s sampling the local cuisine, spending time with local people at a home-stay or getting around on novel modes of transport, our friends at On to Go Tours offer plenty of authentic travel experiences to destinations that are a little more off the beaten path.

We think this video above captures the magic of travel perfectly. From Africa, the Middle East, Central America, to Southeast Asia and more, there is a whole world of discovery just waiting for you.

Ensuring your footprint is light and that the benefits of travelling reach the local communities you visit is paramount. When travelling with On the Go, the large majority of your holiday funds remain within the countries you visit, supporting local economies at a grass roots level.

For more information on travelling with On The Go Tours, contact a Flight Centre Travel Consultant by connecting with us online, visiting your closest store, or calling 1-877-967-5302.

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