Weighing Air Passengers Creates Heavy Debate

by Alyssa Daniells

Sunwing justified its recent weighing of passengers checking in for a flight from Edmonton to Cancun as an infrequent measure for future planning.


The airline was figuring out average passenger weights, meanwhile those subjected to being weighed were arguably, on average, not pleased. The Canadian Press (CP) reported that one customer deemed the situation “uncomfortable” when she was weighed with others nearby. Carry-on baggage was also weighed at baggage check-in.

The 105 flights were randomly chosen for the weigh in for a six month duration between November and May. Approximately 10,000 passengers were part of the study. Transport Canada also provides weight estimates for flight planning, however Sunwing opted to perform their own surveys, as is the case with some other airlines.

While Sunwing explained that the study was on a voluntary basis and was preceded with advisory letters, CP reported that at least one disgruntled traveller had not been advised.

All I can say is that at least they weighed the passengers before their flight to Cancun; I know from experience that after a holiday packed with mouthwatering margaritas and tempting tacos, there’s a likelihood of returning heavier!


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