WestJet Employee Found ‘Monkeying’ Around Goes Viral.

by Alyssa Daniells
missing westjet monkey stuffed toy newfoundland airport kristen sellars facebook

Is this your monkey? One WestJetter wants to know. (So do thousands of Facebookers.)

Instead of putting the face of a missing loved one on a milk carton, WestJet employee Kristen Sellars did what any concerned citizen would do—she took to social media.

During her shift at St. John’s Airport in Newfoundland, Ms. Sellars discovered a stuffed (and well-loved, judging by its worn furry fabric) toy monkey, left behind on a counter in the departures lounge.

missing westjet monkey stuffed toy missing lost and found funny

Equipped with her phone camera and keen sense of humour, Ms. Sellars posted a photo of the misplaced monkey on Facebook, when she found it late last week. Since then, her post has been shared almost 20,000 times.

Ms. Sellars’ accompanying text with the poignant photo reads, “This monkey was offloaded in YYT. He’s been stranded here for days. He’s also breaking my heart, every time I do a gate. Feel free to share his picture so that he can find his little hooman.”

Bo the monkey, as he’s been dubbed by Sellars and her colleagues, is now hanging out with them at the Newfoundland airport and enjoying lots of attention and photo ops. Bo, incidentally, is short for Boeing.

St. John’s Airport remains the temporary home of the strayed stuffed simian. Sellars and crew continue to add photos of Bo posed in various downtrodden poses, earnestly awaiting his owner.

Hopefully they’ll be singing this song to each other when they are imminently reunited:

The unclaimed toy is on its way to Internet celebrity stardom as Facebookers continue to share the posts (and certain travel bloggers look for something to write about on a slow news day.)

The warm hospitality Bo is receiving is synonymous with Newfoundland, so he really couldn’t have picked a better place than a province known for its friendly locals. Not to mention an airline like WestJet, committed to getting its passengers home safely, and bearing the motto, “Owners Care.”

Here is hoping the finds its (presumably pint-sized) owner soon! Let’s help and share this now, shall we?

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