What FCBT’s new SmartCare means to your business – and safety

by Alyssa Daniells

When travelling for business, you are laser-focused on the purpose of your journey – answering emails, finessing presentations, and getting where you need to go. After all, that’s why you’ve chosen to work with Flight Centre Business Travel. Our experts work tirelessly behind the scenes for you, so you can take care of everything else.

Once you arrive in your destination, you’re especially caught up in your business needs. Why think about natural disasters or politically-charged danger when you have your work cut out for you? Besides, we hear about these things on the news, but the chance of our travels being affected is rare, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t.

In the past 12 months, 87% of Canadian business travellers experienced a travel-related incident. A sizable 24% had to evacuate or depart early. Another 24% also grimly reported a medical mishap.


Even the most pessimistic among us may be surprised by those figures. In response to the changing world we live in and the higher incidence of dangers, FCBT has introduced its SmartCare program. Designed with our clients’ safety in mind, SmartCare is a comprehensive product that protects you, and by extension, your small business, while on the road, from items not covered by standard travel insurance – terrorism, political threats and life-threatening climate conditions or illnesses.

For added peace of mind, FCBT partnered with FocusPoint, a highly-specialized medical and security safety provider to give you this exclusive product. Versed in high-risk threats, wrongful detentions, financial loss (and a long list of other concerns your FCBT manager can show you), FocusPoint has international operations across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

We understand that these are not the things one wishes to think about when planning business travel. Thanks to SmartCare by FCBT, you don’t have to.

We encourage you to learn more about SmartCare and how you and your employees can be safe and protected. Contact your dedicated FCBT travel manager before you go.