Why Iceland is a Photographer’s Dream

by Emma Hackwood
Reykjavik Iceland street and water views

Iceland is a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should make plans for. Not only is this country the perfect playground for both budding and professional photographers, but it will leave you with vivid memories to last a lifetime. Our Travel Expert (and gifted photographer) Dave Van shares his experience in Iceland with On the Go Tours and why this country is a photographers dream.

Aurora Borealis Iceland

Anyone with a passion for photography has Iceland on their photo-bucket list, or is the proud owner of a photo album that is the envy of all of their friends and family. Around every bend, you’ll find yourself reaching for your camera to capture Iceland’s unique and picturesque landscape; from the black sand beaches of Vik, to the jaw-dropping mouth of the Skaftafell Glacier, to the majestic Icelandic horses and of course, the most sought after experience with the Aurora Borealis, it is difficult not to get at least a few great photos in Iceland with so much to see!

Ease of travel

Icelandair plane

Arriving on Iceland Air, you can purchase a FlyBus pass onboard, or at the airport when you arrive. This efficient bus service will take you directly from Keflavik airport to downtown Reykjavik in about 45 minutes for approximately $20 CAD. They offer additional connections to all major hotels within the downtown core for a little bit more. You can purchase the same service for your return to the airport. If you plan on doing your own driving, rental agencies are easily accessible from the airport.

car rental in Iceland

The roads in Iceland are well maintained and easy to maneuver. Right-side driving keeps things familiar for North American drivers. The round-a-bouts and clearly marked passing lanes make driving a breeze. ‘Ring road’ encircles the entire country allowing visitors to circumnavigate the whole country, which can take about a week. If you are on a On The Go tour, a experienced driver will do all the driving while you relax and enjoy the scenery!


Blue Lagoon Iceland

There is an abundance of things to see and do in Iceland. Even with a short stopover, most visitors can book a trip to experience the world famous Blue Lagoon. This man-made geothermic heated hot spring with its unique blue color draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Located near the international airport, it is easy to access and a great way to relax after a long flight. The facility is well maintained and your time spent there will surely be a memorable one! Once you arrive into Reykjavik, most hotels can assist with booking a variety of exciting tours. Single day tours are available to visit parks, walk on glaciers, chase waterfalls, and hunt for the northern lights.

Iceland waterfall

Multi-day tours with an experienced guide and a small group such as the ‘Land of the Northern Lights’ offered by On The Go Tours gives visitors a more in depth experience with Iceland.


iceland food growing in greenhouse

The culinary spread offered in Iceland is very unique. Fish and lamb are popular dishes as it’s readily available. The food may seem simple with few ingredients but the quality is superb. Most vegetables and fruits cannot be grown in the country since there is no soil. Food is either grown in greenhouses or imported. If you are an adventurous foodie, you can even try fermented shark or some whale blubber!

The People

travellers at blue lagoon Iceland

The Icelandic people are friendly and welcoming. Everyone speaks English and most are willing to help out a fellow tourist if needed. It’s known that if you are having car problems and stuck on the side of the road, not to worry as you won’t have to wait long for someone to stop and offer assistance.

Iceland is much closer than you think; a logical stopover between North America and Europe with a lot of adventure to offer. Iceland Air flights offer some of the best fares available when flying to Europe, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to explore?!

For more information on travelling to Iceland or with On the Go Tours, you can connect with Dave online, or by calling 1-855-236-4438.

For more photos Dave’s travels check out his Instagram account @DaveVanPhotography

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