Windstar Cruises to Offer All-Inclusive Tropical Voyages

by Kara Byrne
panama, beach

How would you like to sail private-yacht style with a tempting selection of beverages to choose from, free shore excursions, onboard wifi, and a private event to top it all off?

Mother and sun in Costa RicaWell now you can; Windstar Cruises has announced it will offer all-inclusive tropical voyages!

Imagine yourself onboard the Star Breeze, one the most beautiful ships to sail the passage through Panama and Costa Rica, taking in the natural wonders of the Amazon as you sip your tasty beverage. You take a moment to brag to your friends (using the free wifi), about the fact that you’re going to attend a private event in a gorgeous paradise known as Isla de Coiba, and then find yourself torn between a scuba dive, a drool-worthy chocolate farm tour, dolphin watching or yoga and paddle boarding at Paradise Beach.

This is just one of many amazing itineraries offered by Windstar Cruises. With 11 all-inclusive tropical voyages offered in the Caribbean, Panama, Costa Rica, and Tahiti. the hardest part of your trip will be deciding which one to take. Once you board, you can rest easy knowing everything is included. From delectable cuisine and cocktails to the stunning scenery, all of your senses will be heightened and your mind completely relaxed.

Royal Decameron Panama Beach

Want to know more about Windstar’s all-inclusive sailings? Chat with one of our experts by calling 1-877-967-5302, or get in touch with a travel agent online!

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