World Cup Fever Soars To New Heights

by Daniel Nikulin
world cup soccer brazil

As in, 30, 000 feet high! As the anticipation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil reaches a feverish pitch, nine airlines are set to make history by offering their passengers the chance to watch live matches while they travel.

Big name international carriers including Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Etihad and Emirates have partnered with live sports channel Sport 24 to feature all 64 matches, most of which will be shown live, including the tournament’s opener on June 12 between Croatia and host, Brazil. The “beautiful game” has a die-hard worldwide fan base bordering on religious and if you happen to be a globe-trotting business traveller or have booked a trip before the World Cup match schedule came out (and are lucky enough to have booked on a participating carrier) you will not miss a single goal. In total, up to 3.5 million passengers can experience football in the skies during the month long event.

As this historical service will be restricted to certain routes and aircraft types supporting the in-flight entertainment system carrying Sport 24, it is best to check with the airline directly to verify your flight’s availability.