World’s Longest Flight Lands in Auckland

by Daniel Nikulin
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Fourteen thousand, five hundred and thirty-five kilometres, sixteen hours and twenty-three minutes and ten time zones – that is the new and current record for the world’s longest commercial non-stop flight.

Arriving into Auckland, New Zealand, on Sunday, February 5th, at 1825GMT from Doha, Qatar, Qatar Airways flight QR920 entered the record books, bumping fellow Middle Eastern carrier, Emirates, from the post. The Boeing B777-200LR (Long Range), armed with four pilots and 15 cabin crew, tweeted their arrival shortly after landing and received the ceremonial water cannon shower that’s become a tradition in welcoming inaugural flights.

longest flight

By all accounts, the numbers were staggering; 1,036 meals, 1,100 cups of tea and coffee and more than 2,000 cold drinks were served. If a passenger was a movie buff and insomniac (or someone simply unable to sleep while flying), they could have binge-watched almost 10 complete feature films, back-to-back, or almost the entire Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

But nothing lasts forever and Qatar Airlines’ reign will be short lived. Scheduled to dethrone the reigning champs next year is Singapore Airlines, whose plans to restart their non-stop Singapore to New York route, once their order for the ultra-long range A350s is filled, is poised to retake the world’s longest flight crown. Qantas will soon also get in the mix, with their London to Perth route, cracking the top three.

By the end of 2018, expect the world’s longest commercial flights to look like this:

Singapore – New York        Singapore Airlines             15,335kms

Doha – Auckland                 Qatar Airways                   14,535kms

London – Perth                    Qantas                              14,500kms

Dubai – Auckland                Emirates                            14,200kms

Singapore – Los Angeles    Singapore Airlines             14,113kms

Think you could handle it? For many, the mere thought of spending this much time in an aircraft is horrifying, torturous and inhumane, movie buffs included. If there was ever a flight to score an upgrade to any of the forward cabins on, this would surely be it.


A return Economy Class ticket from Doha to Auckland aboard QR920 sells for around $1,700CAD. Looking to get on board? For this or any other flight deal, connect with our Airfare Experts online, by visiting us in-store or by calling 1877 967 5302.