About Luxury Cruises

While arguably any cruise ship experience could be considered luxurious, a true luxury cruise is a departure from your every day cruise ship-and the every day in general. Luxury cruising translates to sprawling staterooms and spacious suites, private balconies, butler service and gourmet dining that rivals the world's best restaurants.

Decadent, divine, dramatic and distinguished, a luxury cruise truly transports you to another world. Whether it's to rekindle romance, send your loved ones on the vacation they deserve or take the holiday you've always dreamed of, a luxury cruise promises an unforgettable way of seeing the globe. Flight Centre experts can find you luxury cruise itineraries ranging from three days to three months and more, to the world's most alluring destinations.

More than just a floating five-star hotel, a luxury cruise is an unparalleled experience, offering the ultimate in comfort and quality. Attention to detail is paramount, from the itineraries to atmosphere to service. Relax on an elegant teak pool deck in an oversized deck chair, revitalize in a state-of the-art fitness centre, rejuvenate with the latest spa treatments or retire to the comfort of your cabin to enjoy plush bedding and satellite TV.

There's an abundance of daytime activities to take advantage of, like cooking classes taught by renowned chefs and rewarding shore excursions ranging from the elegantly simple to the excessively sublime. Nightly diversions with well-travelled fellow cruisers include wine tastings, top-notch live music and dancing for every taste. Your time aboard and on shore will amaze you, as will the long-lasting memories and fascinating stories you'll have afterwards.

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