About River Cruises

Does an intimate sail along the world's famous waterways, against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery, sound appealing? Then a river cruise is for you (we assumed your answer was yes, by the way). River cruising is a departure from ocean liner cruising; its smaller scale creates a warm atmosphere, ensuring personalized service and guest interactions. As opposed to vast expanses of ocean, river cruises offer a variety of changing landscapes. So many great cities were historically established along rivers, where majestic architecture greets you from your nautical vantage point. River cruise off-shore itineraries are brimming with exciting and eminent ports, featuring lively markets, must-see attractions and famed galleries, museums and more, led by knowledgeable tour guides.

The river boat has ample space to become whatever venue you wish it to be: a classroom with enriching lectures, a nightclub with music, a library for a quiet retreat, a health spa for treatments and maintaining your exercise regime. Staterooms are stylishly appointed, common areas are elegant and inviting, and amenities are aplenty. Menus on river cruises appeal to the most discriminating palates, offering regional specialties bought fresh at the ports as well as international cuisine, prepared by skilled chefs. Perhaps best of all, voyaging along waterways is not just a picturesque way to travel but an efficient one, allowing you to enjoy and experience more within a set period of time.

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