About Singles Cruises

Searching for a single reason to cruise alone? Look no further than a singles cruise.

Cruises for singles are becoming increasingly popular, with major cruise lines offering sailings dedicated to those travelling alone, wishing to meet new, like-minded people. It's easy to understand the growing demand for single cruises-today's fast-paced, hectic lifestyles can preclude singles from personal networking, making a cruise vacation the perfect time to relax without the pressure of time.

While any type of cruise facilitates introducing people, cruises for singles are tailored to unattached travellers, going the extra mile to create opportunities for mixing and mingling in a fun, relaxed environment. It's hard to find another type of independent travel that enables you to meet people so easily and comfortably.

Singles cruises takes the intimidation out of travelling solo, replacing it with exhilaration. A Flight Centre cruise expert can find you the perfect singles cruise, whether you're a single traveller in your twenties or a retiree. There is an exciting range of LGBT single cruises that offer itineraries all around the world.

Unlike regular cruise itineraries, cruises for singles do not charge extra fees for private cabins, making a singles cruise an economically viable option as well.

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