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Canadian Passports & Application Information

This section lists the most frequently asked questions about the Canadian passport renewal process and how to apply for a Canadian passport.

Where do I get an application for a Canadian passport?

If you are looking for a Canadian passport application form, first determine what kind of form you require. The most common three are,

  1. Adult Canadian passport application – for passports that have expired.
  2. renewal of Adult Canadian passport application form - for passports that are within the expiry period, as stated on the passport
  3. Child Canadian passport application form - for children 12 and under, who are Canadian citizens.

The Canadian passport application form is available to download on the Government of Canada website. To apply for a Canadian passport in person, visit a Government of Canada passport office near you. If you'd like to know how to apply for a Canadian passport via Canada Post, you may have the passport application mailed to your address.

How long does it take to get a Passport in Canada?

The Canadian passport application process takes 10 days, if done in person at an office. By mail, expect it to take 20 business days. (This does not include mailing time.) In emergency cases, when a passport is required sooner, two types of services, Urgent (end of the next business day) and Express (2 to 9 business days), can expedite how long it takes to get a passport in Canada. An additional fee will be charged.

These services are not available at all locations. You must apply for Express or Urgent service in person. Proof of travel must be shown. If passport is not delivered in time for travel, the GoC is not liable for any financial loss that may arise. These times are based on applications within Canada. If applying outside of Canada, the time will vary.

To check Canadian passport processing times, you may also visit the Government of Canada website.

How do you Apply for a Canadian Passport?

  1. Complete the appropriate application form
  2. Present proof of Canadian citizenship (original copy of birth certificate, etc.)
  3. Document that supports the above (an original copy, valid, government-issued document that includes your name, DOB, photo and signature, like a valid driver's licence)
  4. Two identical passport photos, with the name/address of the photographer stamped with the date on the back)
    Extra documents may be required if there are changes to your passport, outlined on the Gof C website.
  5. Find a guarantor and two references.
    For new passport applications you will need to find a guarantor to sign your application, one of your passport photos and all copies of any supporting identity documents you are submitting with your application. You will also need two references to include on your application. Your references must have known you for at least two years. You cannot use a family member or your guarantor as a reference.

  6. Submit your Canadian passport application and pay the fees.

How do I renew my Canadian passport?

There are eligibility requirements to determine if you can renew your passport, or if you must submit a new application for a Canada passport. Please note that these guidelines are only for passport applications within Canada. Information for renewing outside Canada is detailed on the website.

How do I apply for a Canadian passport for my child?

If your child was born in Canada, he or she must have a their own passport to travel outside Canada. A Canadian child's passport is for ages from newborn to age 16. Children may only be issued a passport that is valid up until 5 years. They are not eligible for the ten year passport. Even if the child is past the age of 16, the child's passport remains valid until it reaches its expiry date. The application forms can be found online or at a government passport office, listed previously.

How do I renew my child's Canadian passport?

Provided your child is turning 16 years of age within the next five years or more, you may apply for a new Canadian child passport. This is not considered a renewal of a child's passport, like the service available to Canadian adults. Children may physically change a great deal within five years compared to an adult, so a new application is necessary.