Medisys Travel Health & Vaccination Clinics

Medisys Travel Health & Vaccination Clinics is offering 10% discount if you print out the coupon below and bring it into one of the 7 Medisys clinics.

Medisys Travel Health & Vaccination Clinics Offer:

  • Pre-travel consultations
  • All vaccinations and prescriptions
  • Travel health & safety products
  • World-renowned team of travel-health physicians
  • A one-stop shop for all travel-health products & services
  • Certified provider of yellow fever vaccinations (all locations)

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Health Clinic coupon here

Offering a complete range of products and services aimed at preventing potential travel-health problems before they arise, Medisys Travel Health & Vaccination Clinics are there to make sure you're getting the pre and post-travel medical care that's right for you. The Medisys team is led by some of Canada's leading authorities in travel health. With locations in four Canadian provinces, Medisys' Travel Health Clinics specialise in the prevention of a diverse range of travel-health threats - from diarrhea, jet lag and altitude sickness to malaria, yellow fever and avian flu. Medisys provides pre and post-travel consultations, vaccinations and a complete range of products designed to limit your exposure to travel-related health risks.

Whatever your destination, your reason for travel or the type of trip you've got in mind - and regardless of your age or medical condition - Medisys' Travel Health & Vaccination Clinics give you the freedom to enjoy your travels without having to worry about your health.