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Experience the iconic, historic, and culturally defining sights and sounds of Europe – a true one-of-a-kind destination, with a EuroBreak…(more)

The gravity-defying brush strokes of the Sistine Chapel fresco, the unfinished Gothic grandeur of La Sagrada Familia, the enigmatic Mona Lisa watching over the Louvre, Tower Bridge glistening at dusk, the UK & Europe offer truly memorable experiences at every turn. With airfares to Europe at historic lows, it's never been easier to indulge in a short cultural trip across the pond.

Our hand-picked packages take care of all your flights, hotels and experiences, so you know you will get the most out of your vacation time. Choose your destination and hotel, your preferred local experience and airline and we’ll take care of all the details. We further enhance your experience with additional value added features. All EuroBreaks include bespoke, keepsake documents, exclusive Insider Benefits and a future travel voucher.

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1. Choose your Destination

Where would you like to take a EuroBreak?

fc eurobreaks dest thumbnail london may2016



  • Attractions - World class museums & galleries at no charge
  • Theater - Catch a West End show
  • Cuisine - From diverse restaurants to classic pubs
fc eurobreaks dest thumbnail paris may2016



  • Buildings - Iconic & historic architecture abounds
  • Cuisine - Eat, drink & socialize in a cafe like a Parisian local
  • Fashion - Dress to impress
fc eurobreaks dest thumbnail rome may2016



  • Architecture - Iconic & historic
  • Cuisine - Pizza, pasta, gelato & wine to fit any budget
  • Vatican City - From St Peters's Basilica to the Sistine Chapel
fc eurobreaks dest thumbnail barcelona may2016



  • Architecture - The capital of Modernism featuring Gaudi
  • Cuisine - Mediterranean style meets tapas
  • Nightlife - The city that never sleeps
fc eurobreaks dest thumbnail amsterdam may2016



  • Canals - Tour the city from the water
  • Museums - Famous artists can be found everywhere
  • Nightlife - Cafes to clubs and everything in-between
fc eurobreaks dest thumbnail berlin may2016



  • History - Museums & monuments of Europe's recent past
  • Nightlife - The city of cool has something for everyone
  • Style - Alternative is embraced
fc eurobreaks dest thumbnail dublin may2016



  • Traditional Pubs - serving Guiness and playing live music
  • Castles - Impressive architecture
  • Festivals - There's more going on than just St Patrick's Day
fc eurobreaks dest thumbnail lisbon may2016



  • Culture - Unspoiled, small-town charm
  • Beaches - Sun kissed with a beautiful sandy coastline
  • Nightlife - Vibrant pubs & clubs which go until dawn
fc eurobreaks dest thumbnail copenhagen may2016



  • Culture - Old streets, royal castles & historical buildings abound
  • Cuisine - Scandinavian style
  • Hygge - The cosy, friendly, chilled out style of the city & the people

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