Wedding Planning Tips

Tips on Planning a Destination Wedding:

  1. Call a Flight Centre Wedding Specialist. They can offer you personalized service and expert advice.
  2. Plan in advance. Reserve your travel as soon as you know when and where you want to go. This helps to avoid sell outs on the flight and at the hotel, as well as allows you to take advantage of any early booking bonuses.
  3. Be flexible. With dates, times, and details. A destination wedding requires the ability to relinquish some control of the details. Often you're planning a wedding celebration at a place you've never seen before!
  4. Choose destinations with many flights per day. You're more likely to find better flight availability and discounts for destinations that have several options for flights and airlines.
  5. Estimate your group size as appropriately as possible. If you only need 20 spaces, don't request 40. Bigger doesn't always mean better.
  6. Timing is everything. Avoid the most popular travel dates if you can (Thanksgiving, winter holidays, school breaks and national holidays). Group reservations may be available during these peak times, but discounts may not be. Be aware of peak, off, and shoulder seasons for your preferred destination.
  7. Don't select your wedding resort based solely on price. Every couple wants to strike the perfect balance between value and amenities and make it affordable for their guests, but if you chose to hold your wedding celebration at a property only because of it's low price point you run the risk of your valued guests being unhappy with their purchase. Often it's their family vacation too!