Adventure Travel

Wherever your adventure may take you, Flight Centre's Travel Specialists are here to help.

We are pleased to offer our clients a team of dedicated Adventure Experts who specialize in trips that take you "off-the-beaten track" and provide a truly unique experience.

While best known for guaranteeing the lowest airfare and providing full service travel needs, Flight Centre has continued to expand its specialist travel businesses and sees a very promising opportunity in the market for our dedicated adventure travel shop.

Our Flight Centre Adventure Shop team strives to provide ways to help each client find their dream adventure trip while working within each individual's budget.

"Our key point of difference is that each consultant works to know and understand the needs of our clients, and provide them with the highest level of service while still offering cost-effective travel."

- Carmen Bishop, Team Leader - Flight Centre Adventure Shop - Mount Pleasant

Adventure Travel Specialists

Adventure Travel Ideas

Wherever your adventure may take you, Flight Centre's Travel Specialists are here to help. We are pleased tohave so much to offer our clients including:
  • A team of dedicated Adventure Experts
  • Trips that take you "off-the-beaten track"
  • A truly unique experience.
  • Cycling through Vietnam from the Mekong Delta in the south, to Halong Bay up north where you can rest your tightly toned legs as you relax back on a junk cruise through the towering limestone islands. Or skip the bike ride and just go on the cruise!
  • How about some African adventure travel? Visit the game parks of Masai Mari and Lake Nakuru, safari into gorilla mountain country, climb Kilimanjaro or join a camel train through Morocco. Explore the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, or ride the white water of the Bylde River Canyon. The list goes on and on Africa's a big continent!
  • Launch yourself into one of the many adrenalin-fueled adventure tours through New Zealand and experience everything from canyon swings, bungee jumping and hiking adventure tours through the breathtaking high-country, or for extreme adrenalin junkie-- adventure skiing on Mt Cook.
  • For adventure holidays with a difference, consider dog sledding or join a musk ox safari in Greenland. Pause to hear the silence, stand in awe beneath the Aurora Borealis and sit on a headland and watch whales breaching.
  • Trek Manchu Picchu and witness the breathtaking beauty of "The Lost City of the Incas", 8000ft above sea level.
  • Take your next adventure holiday "downunder" and discover the Southern stars on a Nullarbor adventure camping safari or breathe in the pristine beauty of the Kimberley Mountains.
  • Why not plan an adventure here in Canada? Visit Churchill to see polar bears up close, go white-water rafting & rock climbing in beautiful British Columbia or kayak through the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia.

Adventure travel means something different for everyone but whatever it means to you we can help you get that dream trip booked!