5 Signs You Need to Stop What You’re Doing and Call a Travel Agent

by Emese Graham

We get it, not everyone has used a travel agency service before. But if that’s you, there’s a strong chance you’ve been missing the signs that you really could use one.

#1. If you’ve been in the “research phase” for weeks… here’s how we can help.

Not to brag, but we know travel. It’s almost an obsession. After all, we do this for a living. So, we can totally relate to how amazing travel really is, and just how easy it can be to get overwhelmed with all the options.

That’s why the first thing we do in every trip consultation is get to know you. We’ll ask about your travel wish list, travelling style, budget, and schedule. We can help you narrow things down to just a couple of custom-made itineraries. Planning a trip is a lot simpler with an Expert right beside you during the fun dreaming phase.

#2. If you have an unused travel credit that expires soon… here’s how we can help.

It doesn’t matter if you booked your initial trip with someone else – we’re not petty, we’re here to help! We’d hate to see anyone let a perfectly good travel credit disappear.

We’ve got our eyes on the market, including which airlines, hotels, tour operators, and cruise lines have the lowest trip deposits and the best flexibility on booking conditions.

So, let’s set a date! Tell us about your travel wish list, and we’ll put your travel credits to good use, along with the flights/accommodations/experiences/car rentals that can be changed or cancelled if you need them to be.

#3. If you keep waiting for the best deal, then end up missing it… here’s how we can help.

We love a budgeting queen! And since Flight Centre is one of the world’s top travel retailers, we get the inside scoop from your favourite travel companies (AKA exclusive pricing, early access to promotions, and extra perks for our travellers).

Want to know which season is the cheapest to travel in? How far in advance you should book for the best rates? Or Which travel dates will get you the best value? Want us to let you know about flash sales?

We’ve got your back. Plus, feel free to borrow our knowledge of the travel world to discover some one-of-a-kind vacation experiences that fit within your price range!

#4. If you’re second-guessing every online review you read… here’s how we can help.

Opinions are a dime a dozen, but expertise is priceless. When our Travel Experts get to know you, they’ll help you make sense of which resorts, tours, or cruise ships are the best fit.

We can help steer you away from cruises that are too stuffy, local attractions that are too crowded, or resorts that are too quiet (or not quiet enough). We can also help you find a vacation experience that works for your accessibility needs.

No travel experience is perfect for everyone. Let us help you find the ones that are perfect for you.

#5. If you’re totally confused about the health & safety rules… here’s how we can help.

At Flight Centre, we’ve always prioritized customer care. Checking your visa and passport before your trip, explaining the terms and conditions of your booking, and being on call 24/7 during your getaway are all part of making sure your travel experience is the best it can possibly be.

With all the changes COVID-19 has brought to the world of travel, we’re also staying up to date on all the information you need for a safe and stress-free trip. You can browse our online traveller resources for the latest details on accommodations, flights, quarantine rules, and so much more. Better yet, just send us a message! We’re beside you every step of the way.


Talking to a Travel Expert couldn’t be easier.

We offer travel consultations in-person, by phone, email, online chat, video chat, and our 24/7 Customer Care line. Whatever works for you!