5 Things that Inhibit You From Travelling the World

by Michael Graziano
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On his quest to obtain his Global Degree, Michael Graziano has learned some valuable lessons after returning home from his recent adventure in South America. He shares five main challenges that most people face when choosing not to travel, and some tips on how to overcome them.

I have just traveled 2 continents and 17 countries. The second I arrived home I  noticed certain pitfalls that may impede my ability to continue my wanderlust lifestyle. Here are a couple things you should avoid or limit at home to let you get out there and explore the world.

1. Staying in your Comfort Zone

It’s the thing you miss when you’re abroad for so long. The idea of hugging your mom and hanging out with your family, seeing all your friends again, doing all your favourite little things in your home city. This is your comfort zone.

But what you find is after actually arriving home and experiencing all of this, the excitement quickly wears off, and you remind yourself of why you ended up travelling in the first place. The issue with the comfort zone is that it engulfs you back into a routine lifestyle. And when you get caught up in the routine for too long, time begins to quickly pass you by. Months and sometimes even years can quickly disappear. Unfortunately for some, their entire life may pass them by before they get to go explore the world and themselves.

2. Taking on too Much Responsibility at Work

It’s tempting to get that pay raise and take on management at your job, but everything has its price. Management and additional responsibility requires people becoming dependent on you at all times, and this will usually leave you in a situation where escape is no longer an option.

If you are already in this situation and feel like you need to get away, you need to face the music and either request a vacation, a demotion, or even a sabbatical option if your workplace offers it. Don’t be afraid of leaving a job you don’t enjoy… you will find something right for you. You must believe in yourself and take the leap of faith.

3. Trying to Compete with your Friends

Have you just witnessed eight of your close friends get married and you suddenly feel you need to keep up? Or how about your friends buying a new car, boat, or house, and feeling insignificant if you don’t get something for yourself?

Avoid ever competing or comparing yourself with other people. It will forever leave a gaping hole of unhappiness inside of you. Remember that the stress levels of trying to maintain wealth are the same as not having any wealth at all.

Just live your life unconventionally and by your own rules. Create a lifestyle of your dreams, despite what any of your friends are doing. If they are true friends, they will love and respect you for it.

4. Planning Too Far ahead

Thinking of your career and retirement in your golden years of  your 20’s and 30’s should be a crime to humanity. By trying to think that far ahead and stressing over it, you are merely drifting further than where you need to go.

Don’t get me wrong, vision and planning are required for you to get anything done. But it’s much better to plan for a year or two ahead than to try and predict your retirement or marriage. If those are the things you are looking forward to, I know a couple elderly and married people that may make you reconsider 😛

5. Depending on Others to Travel with You

You are a free and independent civilian of the world capable of achieving anything you can set your mind to. Unfortunately you may forget this after a while of spending too much time with your spouse, best friends, or family. It’s a hard thing to do, but if you seek travel, then you must first seek complete independence. You need to be able to leave without looking back.

If your spouse truly loves you, they should support your dreams and your aspirations. A discussion with them about world travel alone should be met with support, and together the two of you should plan how it can be made possible. If a conversation of travelling alone is met with anger, frustration, and even jealousy, then you need to seriously look at your relationship with that person. Be sure to read this article on why you should take a solo adventure.

The same situation is true with best friends and family members. If they love you, they will let you go. If they have any feelings that you view as negative, it’s time to change some things and perhaps some people in your life.

For those who are deeply en-grained in their routine lifestyle I guarantee none of these pointers will be easy to read or to consider for your own life and situations. But if deep down you feel something is missing, then you’re probably right. Remember that for every door closed, another door will open. Face the music, and go live your dreams. Here’s 5 essential tips to drop everything and travel the world.


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