5 Things to Try in Speightstown, Barbados

by Kristen Sarah

Planning on soaking up the sun in Barbados? Kristen Sarah from Hopscotch the Globe shares 5 things that will make your experience on the island that much more memorable:


Mammee Apple

Food is a big part of every culture. Biting into the local cuisine is highly encouraged when travelling since it really adds to the cultural experience. If you haven’t heard of the mammee apple before, the best way to explain it is It’s the size of a grapefruit, has a roughened outer coat, thick apricot-coloured flesh and contains several large roughened seeds on the inside.

Mammee_Fruit Barbados

The taste however, falls into its own category. It doesn’t taste like any other fruit. It is sweet, meaty and is typically stewed and eaten as a desert but can also be eaten raw. This delicious fruit can be found in most marketplaces and street stalls around Barbados. The mammee apple is produced from a large evergreen tree native to the Caribbean, so you may also be lucky enough to spot the fruit growing around the island. For a dollar or two Canadian, the mammee apple is definitely worth trying during your visit to the island.


Water Skiing

While relaxing on the beach is a great way to spend your holiday, participating in a water sport while in Barbados is a must for the adventurous. The crystal clear waters and calm sea along the west and south coast of the island make Barbados a perfect destination for water skiing and other water adventure sports.

Water_Skiing Barbados


There are several hotels and water skiing operators around the island that offer both beginners and advanced water skiing opportunities. So, grab your skis and hit the water!


Fisherman’s Pub & Grill

If you’re looking for some delicious local food, Fisherman’s Pub & Grill is the place to go. The pub has become a very popular destination for both tourists and locals. What started out as a rum shop and snack bar has turned into a restaurant and beach bar selling authentic Bajan food.

Fisherman's Pub & Grill Food Barbados

The restaurant is open every day for lunch except Sunday from noon until 3 PM and will typically cost around $10 CAD. Some of the traditional dishes served up at the pub include: flying fish, mac and cheese, sweet potato’s with lamb, chicken dishes, cou-cou and pepper pot.



Bajans love to sing. They aren’t all necessarily the next Rihanna, but that doesn’t stop them from jumping on the stage and rocking out to their favourite hits. It isn’t difficult to find a pub offering karaoke every day during the week. If Speightstown doesn’t offer it one night, Bridgetown is only a 20-minute bus or taxi ride away and is guaranteed to offer karaoke each evening. That means there is no excuse for you to not show off your singing abilities during your stay on the island. In fact, participating is highly encouraged by the Bajans. Whether you’re a Broadway singer or a shower belter, own the stage, and you will be applauded.


Watching Sunset with a Rum & Coke

Barbados Sunset 2

There is no doubt that Bajans enjoy their rum. There are countless pubs around the island where you will find Bajans drinking and socializing at any time of day. What better way to end your evening then sipping on some delicious rum while bidding farewell to the sun as it sets over the turquoise sea. Which rum should you try? Why not treat your taste buds to the rum of Barbados – Mount Gay! Mount Gay rum has a distinct flavor and is best combined with coke and sipped slowly. You can purchase a bottle of Mount Gay at the grocery store in town or from any of the local pubs.


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