8 Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love with Newfoundland

by Kristen Sarah

Canada is a beautiful country, with each province offering something unique. Yet, there is one province that will make you fall in love with the country on a whole other level; and that Canadian gem would be known as Newfoundland.

While there are many reasons to fall in love with this most easterly province, the following are my top 8 reasons to fall in love with Newfoundland after experiencing it first hand.

The Scenery

Newfoundland canada scenery

Even if you look at photos or hear stories from others about how stunning the scenery is, you’ll still be blown away when you see it for yourself. From the fjords of Gros Morne National Park to the quaint fishing villages, Newfoundland offers surreal scenery that will immediately make you fall in love with the province.

The Food and Drink

Newfoundland Food fresh blueberries

Photo by Sara Monika, http://saramonikaphotoblog.com

Newfoundland has several unique dishes for you to indulge in. Since it’s surrounded by ocean, you can definitely have your fair share of seafood. Some other favourites include: Touton, Fish ‘n’ Brewis, Bakeapples and wild blueberries.  You must also try an iceberg martini when in Newfoundland. This delicious cocktail is made from a real iceberg that is thousands of years old.

The Colour

Newfoundland Colourful Houses

Photo by Sara Monika, http://saramonikaphotoblog.com

As soon as you arrive in St. John’s, you will notice how coloruful it is! The architecture has a style distinct from that of the rest of Canada. The houses are known affectionately as “Jellybean Row” which refers to all of the houses in the downtown area. There are a few reasons told as to why the houses are so colourful. One is because of the bleakness of the coastline. The houses were painted to be stand out from environment they stand in. Another is because they helped sailors find the coastline in the famous fog that surrounds Newfoundland. St. John’s isn’t the only place in Newfoundland you can find colourful houses either. You can find this style in many towns and villages around the island.

The Initiation

Screech honey newfoundland

Photo by Sara Monika, http://saramonikaphotoblog.com

No visit to Newfoundland is complete without being screeched in. It’s the only way that those not lucky enough to be born a Newfoundlander can become as close as possible to being a Newfoundlander. To get screeched in, you must recite a speech in Newfoundland English, take a shot of Screech and kiss a real cod.

getting screeched with fish in Newfoundland

A natural-born Newfoundlander must perform the ceremony, which typically takes place in a local pub.

The Wildlife

Moose Crossing Newfoundland

Puffins, whales and moose, oh, my! Newfoundland has quite the collection of wildlife. At certain times of year, you can actually get up close to hundreds of adorable puffins and witness more than 22 species of whales. If you’re driving in the province, be sure to watch out for moose jumping across the road. It’s encouraged to not drive at night to avoid collisions with these large animals.

The Hiking

Newfoundland Hiking

Photo by Sara Monika, http://saramonikaphotoblog.com

Newfoundland attracts hikers from all over the world due to its incredible scenery and 200 trails. There are hiking paths across the province for every type including the famous East Coast Trail offering 265 kms of rugged coastal scenery along 24 connected paths.

The Fun

The people of Newfoundland sure know how to party. This may be the most apparent in St. John’s along George Street. This street boasts the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America. You’re guaranteed to have a good time if you love to dance, drink, sing and strike up interesting conversation with a local. For the most memorable night out, I highly recommend finding a pub that has serves up live traditional music.

The People

The People of Newfoundland

Photo by Sara Monika, http://saramonikaphotoblog.com

Newfoundlanders are probably the nicest Canadians you will ever meet. Not only are they extremely welcoming, but they make you feel like you’ve been friends for years within minutes of meeting. They also tell some of the best stories you’ll ever hear using the best slang that may lose you mid conversation. I’d encourage to carry a Newfoundland slang dictionary with you at all times.

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