8 Travel-Inspired Recipes You Can Enjoy at Home

by Emese Graham
man chops bell peppers in his kitchen

Dig into a world of flavours without leaving your dinner table! Get a taste of some of our favourite cuisines from around the world, featuring easy-to-follow recipes and ingredients you won’t have to go far to find.

Easy Jamaican Stew Peas & Spinners

Stewed peas and spinners is hearty comfort food. Simple to make, yet full of flavour, you can enjoy it without the ham for a filling vegetarian and vegan dish, too.

Easy Dominican Mangu

Mangu is a genius addition to a classic breakfast of fried cheese and salami. The tangy red onions perfectly complement that savoury mashed plantain for a remarkably filling dish.

Italian Spinach & Ricotta Meatballs

Add some personality to your weekend pasta night, with fresh ingredients and lots of love (and wine). Just like Nonno makes it.

Hawaiian Butter Mochi Recipe

This sticky, gooey Hawaiian dessert is heaven for those of us with a sweet tooth. Be careful, though. It’s simple to make and oh so tempting to repeat.

Simple Portuguese Tuna, Chickpeas & Potatoes

When you’re sick of cooking, this light and simple Azorean dish comes to the rescue. One platter is great for sharing with your family.

Thai Banana Roti

This popular Thai snack is easy to make at home, especially with bored kids, and only requires a handful of ingredients. Get a homemade taste of a famous street food treat!

German Bread Dumplings

When you find yourself staring blankly into your pantry, why not try transforming simple ingredients like bread into something special? This classic German side-dish is the way to go.

Nigerian & Ghanian Jollof Rice

Heat things up with this West African cuisine essential! Layered with flavours, spices, and smokiness, jollof rice is the perfect way to level up your side dish game.


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