Air Canada Wifi

by Alyssa Daniells

Air Canada Launches Wifi in the Sky

Air Canada announced today that it will offer wireless Internet connectivity on domestic and trans-border routes, making it the first Canadian carrier to provide this much-anticipated service.

Passengers aboard Air Canada’s North American flights can expect to access in-flight Wi-Fi as early as next month, thanks to an agreement with Gogo®, a world leader in equipping aircraft with Internet. Air Canada’s commitment to travel and technological enhancement spearheaded the effort to enable Wi-Fi connectivity on its aircraft.

This move will positively impact business and leisure travellers alike, permitting e-mail access, perusing of websites, playing apps on mobile devices and producing work while away from the office. Internet connectivity marks an advancement of the on board customer experience, as well as setting Air Canada apart from its competitors.

Air Canada Tweet

At present, no Canadian airline fleet is outfitted for wireless capability, with the exception of Air Canada’s two Airbus A319 aircraft. Once a pending agreement with Gogo is finalized, the remaining Airbus A319 fleet, as well as Airbus A320, A321, Air Canada Express CRJ-705, Embraer 190 and Embraer 175 aircraft will be operational with Wi-Fi, commencing in May 2014. By December 2015, 130 of these narrow-body aircraft will be connected. The agreement also permits Gogo to eventually test satellite-enabled wireless on Air Canada international flights.

If you have a cross-continental Air Canada flight in the coming months, start getting excited about taking photos of you and your seatmate, posting them on social media and then checking to see your friends reactions to them from 25, 000 feet below. If that doesn’t excite you, then just think of all the extra work you can do from your office in the air.