Air New Zealand’s New Christmas Video Reveals Vowels Are Confusing

by Crissandra Ayroso
air new zealand's christmas video

Understanding the kiwi accent is easy az. In Air New Zealand’s new Christmas video, we learn that the rules for English vowels, as we know them, go out the window. Air New Zealand helps us make sense of the Kiwi accent and clears up the confusion behind vowels. As are Es, Es are Is, Os are Us, and…..Us are usually Us, but Us could also mean yous. Got that?

air new zealand's christmas video

In the new Christmas video, A Very Merry Mistake, we watch a confused Santa repeat toy orders from children in New Zealand. A new beard? A puggy bank? An earplane?

“Oh,” Santa realizes. “It’s happened again.”

air new zealand christmas video elf makes a beard

It sure did. Like the gift that keeps on giving, Air New Zealand strikes again with another viral video hit. With 14 videos under their belt (and counting), the airline’s safety videos have amassed more than 107 million views. The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made, a Lord of the Rings themed video featuring Elijah Wood on a flight seated next to two die-hard LOTR fans, accounts for 18 million of those views alone.

Since Richard SimmonsMile High Madness, the safety video that started it all in 2011, Air New Zealand has released a steady slew of safety videos featuring Hollywood actors, like Betty White.

In Safety Old School Style, Betty White gives us survival tips with her retirement resort peers, sharing an important tongue-in-cheek reminder of what’s not allowed in airplane bathrooms, as well a helpful visual of how to locate your exits on the airplane (in case your eyes don’t work as well as they used to, or if you’ve just forgotten where you are, of course).

anna faris in air new zealand safety video

In Safety in Hollywood, Rhys Darby and Anna Faris give the safety video the Hollywood treatment, which includes a romantic storyline featuring two young Parisian lovers running towards each other with arms full of baguettes and eyes full of stars, declaring their love for each other, making Anna’s character light-headed – the perfect time to remind passengers that in case of an emergency, oxygen masks onboard will fall down from above in and to be sure to properly fit the mask over your nose and mouth.  

Air New Zealand takes the safety video concept and turns it on its head taking the opportunity to not just edu-tain its onboard passengers but also to show off incredible New Zealand – its people, beauty, and culture.



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