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Published on December 15th, 2018 | by Crissandra Ayroso


The Best Beach Party Songs Playlist, Ever

This beach party songs playlist will take you away on a Better Beach holiday, where the breezes are floral and the sand is as silky smooth as these tunes. Hit it!

Picture it. The year is 1988, and a film called Cocktail starring Tom Cruise is currently playing in theatres. A new song by The Beach Boys called Kokomo comes on during the ending film credits. Moviegoers slowly start making their way out of the theatre, thinking about love, life, and quitting their jobs to become bartenders. Mike Love sings about a place called Kokomo and sets the scene of two lovers on a moonlit beach sharing a dreamy look in their eyes. Steel drums flirt with Love’s soft, dreamy vocals, and it’s not before long a sax solo described as ‘oddly poignant’ takes centre stage as if alto saxophonist Joel Peskin himself can determine fate with the success of his solo. For a moment, we’re on a beach, falling in love. Or, maybe we’re just walking out of a movie theatre thinking about where we parked our car.

There are some songs that just pull us in and make us forget about everything else. Like Kokomo, they take us away on three-minute journeys to a happy place, where we can momentarily forget about things like phone bills and bad haircuts, and even have the power to help us through difficult times. Really good songs can even teach us, make us wiser, and remind us what’s important.

Whether your happy place is in Kokomo, or on a beach somewhere under the sun, heat things up with our beach party playlist for a little sax on the beach, featuring this Beach Boys classic, and much more.


Need a break from the winter chill? Warm up with our beach party playlist, or better yet, take this playlist with you with you on your next holiday. We’ve got a new collection of Better Beach holidays in Hawaii, Bali, Thailand and beyond, you won’t find anywhere else under the sun. Just ask one of our Expert Travellers. Call us at 1-877-967-5302, Live Chat us, or visit your closest Flight Centre store.


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Crissandra Ayroso is a copywriter for Flight Centre. She loves road trips, beach weather, sampling local wine. She, like Helen Hunt in the 1996 disaster-rama (that’s short for drama) Twister, is a tornado chaser, in the travel sense. She chases moments, all revealing. Whether it’s ordering room service and eating in bed, finding the highest rooftop for the best views of the surroundings, feeling like a small dot in the middle of the ocean on a boat, or getting lost and stumbling upon hidden gems, no moment is too big or small to chase. Just like the category F5 that brought Helen Hunt back together with her estranged husband, respected TV weatherman, Bill Paxton.

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