See, Taste, Tour: The Best Things You Can Do in Italy

by Emese Graham
two travellers with bicycles stop to look at the colosseum in rome

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning your first, second, or third trip to Italy; you can bet your boots there are still so many unique things to see and do, just waiting to be discovered!

From a relaxing week at the sea to alpine hikes and culinary feasts, here are some of our Travel Experts’ favourite things to do in Italy – and why we keep going back again and again.

What to Do in Rome

colosseum at night

Bonasera! Whether you’re combing the Colosseum after hours or the Catacombs by torchlight, Rome after-dark is a remarkable experience. So, skip the crowds and enjoy an exclusive night-time tour of the Eternal City’s most iconic attractions.

What to Do in Venice

colourful buildings line canal in murano italy

Venice is one of a kind, but you knew that. So why not look beyond the gondolas and get to know this floating city’s other sides? You can get hands-on with Venice’s long history of perfumery and learn to make your own scent at Palazzo Mocenigo. Or, cruise through the Venetian Lagoon to the islands of Murano and Burano for a photoshoot and enlightening heritage lessons.

What to Do in Florence

vespa parked beside garden in italy

What could possibly be more quintessentially Italian than zipping through Tuscan countrysides on a Vespa? Grab your helmet and enjoy a full day of riding past cypress trees, olive groves, and chianti vineyards (stopping for some fresh samples along the way, of course).

What to Do on the Amalfi Coast

blue grotto in italy

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is without question most beautiful when you’re looking at it from the sea. Enjoy the view on a guided boat tour, complete with a short trip to Capri’s world-famous (and impossibly blue) Blue Grotto.

What to Do in Pompeii

ruins in pompeii

Just an hour outside of the delightful village of Positano, you can visit the Roman city frozen in time by Vesuvius. After exploring the fascinating buried city of Pompeii with a historical interpreter, you can continue onwards to Mount Vesuvius herself to enjoy a spectacular, albeit sobering, view.

What to Do in Sorrento

lemon trees in sorrento italy

For those of you who’ve been waiting for us to mention a traditional Italian cooking class, the wait is over! Our Travel Experts can get you an exclusive experience in the hills of Sorrento. You’ll join a local chef to select fresh ingredients from a garden, prepare a tasty glass of limoncello, then create a mouthwatering meal.

What to Do in Taormina

mount etna

Before you have your fill exploring Taormina’s tiled piazza, ancient theatre, and stunning public gardens, hitch a ride up 1800 metres to the top of Mount Etna. As the sun starts to warm up the day, you can uncover lava dunes, timeless forests, and so much more along the picturesque volcanic terrain.

What to Do in Capri

bright buildings surrounded by floral trees in capri

There’s a lot more to Caprese cuisine than the salad! Spend a day in Capri with a local and learn how to cook an iconic Caprese menu with three shining courses. Plus, stroll through private vegetable gardens and the nearby Natural Arch of Capri and Piazzetta.

What to Do in Milan

birds fly above duomo in milan

Galleries, castles, and opera theatres above, hidden archaeological surprises below! Follow a local guide beneath the Duomo, Milan’s most well-loved landmark, for an unexpected tour of tombs and tales that you’d completely miss if no one had shown you.

What to Do in The Dolomites

lake carezza with views of the dolomites

Fly into Innsbruck and explore Alta Badia by foot, bike, or slopes! Visit Santa Barbara church steeple, hike through peaks and meadows, and meet local mountain farmers (and their adorable cows). Not far from Alta Badia, you can spend a day relaxing by “Rainbow” Lake Carezza and daydreaming of the nymphs and wizards of lore.

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