Business Travel Checklist, Hacks, and Tips

by Emese Graham
what to pack on a business trip

Whether you’re travelling to meet with suppliers and partners, to network and stay on top of industry trends at a conference, or to build rapport with your clients, you’re confident you’ve got what it takes to make your business trip successful. And we’re here to make sure your game never gets thrown off by a travelling mishap. The trick? Just a little preparation and smart packing.

How to Pack for a Business Trip

Rule #1: Feel great. Your travel arrangements shouldn’t affect your focus. Arm yourself with the essentials so you can leave the airport well-rested and stress-free.

Rule #2: Look great. Like it or not, psychologists say appearances can heavily influence the impressions you leave on people.* Organizing your luggage well is key to protecting your outfits from wrinkles and stains.

Rule #3: Be ready. Go beyond having everything you need for business, and pack a few extras like pens and breath mints, so you can break the ice with the person across the table. You might be surprised by how effective a small favour can be in opening doors.

Making travel arrangements for yourself or another member of your team? Reference our printable business travel checklist to ensure your brand will be remembered for showing up on time with a sharp mind and equally sharp outfit, business cards and fully charged electronics in hand.

packing for a business trip

Download Our: Business Travel Checklist

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* Source: Psychology Today