Top 10 Best Cancun Excursions

by Crissandra Ayroso
Best Cancun Excursions

Stunning beach landscapes and swaying palms may steal the gaze of many visiting Cancun, but look further and discover awe-inspiring underground caves, eco-parks, and ancient Mayan ruins on a Cancun excursion. Our top Cancun excursions, tours, and activities you can’t miss.

1. Explore the underground caves of Rio Secreto

blue water in rio secreto mexico

One of Mexico’s most recent discoveries, the Rio Secreto is an underground cave system and nature preserve. Walk and swim in waist-deep water through 12 km of underground rivers with passageways arched with stalactites, stalagmites, and crystal formations. Take a guided tour and explore this hidden, natural wonder located just outside of Cancun in Playa del Carmen.

2. Xcaret Park

swimmers in xcaret park cancun

Part nature reserve and part theme park, Xcaret was built on an archaeological site of the same name. Spend the day exploring natural underground rivers, jungle trails, coves and natural pools, and visit Mayan-themed attractions for a cultural and educational family-friendly adventure.


3. Chichen Itza

ancient temples in chichen itza mexico

Discover the lost Mayan civilization, culture, and architectural ruins of Chichen Itza. Amidst the ancient city is El Castillo or Temple of Kukulcan, a pyramid built by the Mayans that dates back to 750 A.D. which served as a monumental representation of the Mayan calendar. Eighteen steps for each month and 365 steps on all four sides of the pyramid for each day of the year.

Twice a year, on the spring and autumn equinoxes, a shadow in the shape of a serpent is cast on the pyramid. When the sun sets, the serpent makes its way down the steps to eventually meet a stone serpent head at the base of the pyramid. Take a tour through this world heritage site, a true testament to the brilliance of the Mayan people.


4. Isla Mujeres

small boat on the clear water and white sand in isla mujeres

Spend the day on Isla Mujeres, a small island just a short ferry ride away from Cancun. Snorkel or dive the crystal clear beaches and MUSA, the underwater museum, relax on the white sand North Beach, explore the island on a golf cart (the island’s main form of transportation), try one of the many dining options, and shop the markets.

With so much to do here, you may even want to consider spending an extra day here to do a catamaran tour or sailing trip to admire Isla Mujeres just a little bit longer.


5. Underwater Museum

a scuba diver explores cancun underwater museum

Submerge yourself in the clear blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean. This captivating museum features a series of underwater sculptures that promote marine growth. Divers and snorkellers can admire over 400 original sculptures in depths ranging from 9 to 20 feet on this eco-friendly tour.


6. Cenote & Jungle Tour

a stream of water falls into a hidden cenote in cancun

Hop from cenote to cenote on a beautiful tour of the world’s longest underground river. Your tour will take you to see Sac-Actun cenote system, swim in Yaxmuul, and snorkel in No-Hoch cavern. To top it all off, head to Kantenah Nature Reserve for as much fun as you can handle! There you can go zip-lining, jungle-cycling, or even rappel into a cenote.


7. Jolly Roger Pirate Show

a pirate ship docks in cancun

Join Captain Morgan’s infamous swashbuckling crew upon the Jolly Roger, a replica of a 17th-century Spanish galleon. The whole family will love this spectacular experience. Blasting cannons, fun, food, and music await as pirates swing from ropes and act out their dark and bitter feuds.


8. Go Golfing

birds eye view of beachfront golf course in cancun

Moon Palace Cancun is home to a stunning 27-hole golf course designed by the Golden Bear himself, Jack Nicklaus. Enjoy the world-class greens with your friends or reserve your spot for a private or group lesson. After taking in the ocean views and world-class greens, head on over to Moon Palace’s relaxing golf club for a bite to eat.

Don’t forget to check out more of our favourite all-inclusive golf resorts!


9. Sub Sea Explorer

Not everyone’s a swimmer, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on experiencing the magic of Cancun’s underwater world! Book a sightseeing trip by yellow submarine (the Sub Sea Explorer) to stay dry while getting a great underwater view of angelfish, sea turtles, dolphins, coral reefs, and more.


10. Scuba Diving

a man wearing scuba gear grins widely as he walks out of the water

Cancun and the Mayan Riviera are well known for having the world’s second largest coral reef. There is a wide range of options for beginners and the most experienced divers. Dive reefs and wrecks on this thrilling dive adventure.

With a horizon of blue skies and matching shores, Cancun’s beauty knows no limit. Experience everything Cancun has to offer from stunning beachscapes and lush jungles to underground rivers and ruins.


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