Europe River Cruises – Top 10 Reasons to Hop On Board Travel’s Hottest Trend.

by Alyssa Daniells

What has a mouth but does not eat, has a bed but does not sleep, always runs but never walks?

As you probably guessed from the title, the latter is river cruising and the former is a river. Your kids and grandkids will enjoy that riddle, I am certain. Meanwhile, you will love a river cruise (also certain.)

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a River CruiseRiver Cruise - Danube

1. You’ll see the world’s greatest cities

The vast majority of Europe’s famous cities were built upon rivers. Upon docking, you’ll be steps from your destination’s main and must-see attractions.

2. You’ll cover more territory on a boat cruise

Waterway travel increases efficiency and ease. You’ll avoid the hassles of car rentals, traffic, driving in foreign places with different rules and navigating unknown terrain on your own. Plus you won’t have to pack and unpack at each new destination.

3. Enjoy an intimate experience

While a cruise on massive ocean liner is something to be experienced, a riverboat’s smaller scale means fewer passengers, offering a more personalized touch and attentive service.

4. Scenery is constantly changing

Although sweeping views of the ocean are breathtaking, there can be an element of visual monotony. Sailing close to coastlines, the scenery on a river boat is ever-changing and is just that—scenic.

5. Local onboard dining and entertainment

Cuisine and music are an integral part of a culture’s identity, so your knowledge of the places you visit will be enhanced. Chefs buy fresh produce from the local port market and local entertainers perform in the evenings. You will get to savour regional specialties you may not ever get a chance to enjoy elsewhere. Menus on river cruises appeal to the most discriminating palates, prepared by skilled international chefs.

6. Shore excursions are usually included

River cruise off-shore itineraries are brimming with exciting and eminent ports, featuring lively markets, must-see attractions and famed galleries, museums and more, led by knowledgeable tour guides. Local guides and expert cruise staff will tour and teach you about everything from famous landmarks to regional wines. If you prefer some independent exploration, bicycles are usually found onboard at no additional cost to rent.

7. Visually-appealing vessels

While not all river cruises are a luxury price point, river cruise boats promise a luxurious experience. Sophistication and elegance are the hallmarks of river cruise interiors. Staterooms are stylishly appointed and common areas are designed to be inviting.

8. Comfort is king

River boats offer space to move around, restful staterooms and a relaxing environment. Amenities are aplenty—a classroom with enriching lectures, a nightclub with music, a library for a quiet retreat, a health spa for treatments and maintaining your exercise regime.

River cruise deck

9. Meet new friends

The intimate scale mentioned earlier also fosters a warm atmosphere that promotes guest interactions. Some itineraries are two weeks long or more and forging new relationships inevitable. You’ll meet like-minded people who love to travel, and it’s always a travel bonus to have new friends in different countries.

10. Bragging rights

Yes, we said that! While it’s likely many of your friends have been on an ocean cruise vacation, river cruises are still more unusual. As a travel trend, river cruising is forecast to become more popular, so why not be a pioneer in your peer group and embark on one soon? Of course, if you prefer to keep quiet, your photos of majestic architecture and snaps of your exquisite culinary experiences, will say it all for you.

So it’s not only the Danube and Rhine that gush; it’s the travellers on them that gush about their river cruise holidays. As the cruise industry’s fastest growing niche, river cruising involves a fleet, but it definitely isn’t fleeting. Hop on board this exciting and enriching way to see Europe. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


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