Expert Tips for Travelling to Costa Rica

by Jimmy Murillo
Costa Rica beach

Costa Rica is a country as versatile as it is beautiful. With vast rainforests and gorgeous beaches on both coasts, it’s no wonder that this Central American gem, is on most traveller’s bucket list. With a rich culture and welcoming people, Costa Rica is the perfect destination for Couples and Solo Travellers alike. Whether you plan to travel there with your partner, a friend, or even just solo, our Costa Rica Expert Jimmy Murillo shares some of his best tips on what to see, eat and experience in this beautiful Central American country.


Costa Rica for Couples

expert_tip• For those looking to get away for a more intimate experience, start your morning with a drive to Casa Turire, where a quick breakfast sets you up for a wonderful day of rest, relaxation and lots of quality time. After coffee over an incredible lookout and some deep morning conversation, you’ll be whisked away to your couples massage, where endless options for relaxation abound. Aromatherapy, Stone Massages, even full body wraps are available if you’re feeling a little wild!

• Continue your romantic afternoon while canoeing on the Angostura Lagoon; the calm of the surrounding nature, makes for great conversation, or you can just enjoy each other’s company in silence.

• Drive to La Angostura, which looks out onto the luscious Costa Rican rainforest. Try the Ceviche for a pop of flavour or the Melochón con Queso Turrialba, the perfect vegetarian appetizer. Follow up with a Filete Milanesa the house specialty and end with a Chocolate caliente; the Costa Rican aphrodisiac.

Costa_Rica flora and fauna

Costa Rica for Singles

expert_tip• Now, you may have heard of San Jose, been to Liberia, lounged in Jaco, or stayed in Tamarindo, but f you’re looking something a bit more off the beaten path, I recommend the Cartage region for an authentic Costa Rican experience.

• Start your morning at El rancho del Sapito, where your Gallo Pinto is served fresh with a side of Platanos y Huevos Rancheros sourced right next door (tours available).

• Hike around the base of the Turrialba Volcano, although the volcano itself is not hikeable (with activity as recent as 2015), savvy guides will take you to the best look out points and stop at the many photo opportunities along the way.

• Visit the Pacuare River, where life jackets await you for a white water expedition. Rainforest green and breathtaking waterfalls abound on the most scenic river in Central America.

• Experience a picturesque sunset at the Pacuare Lodge.


So whether you travel to Costa Rica on your own or with friends, there’s no doubt you will discover the true meaning of Costa Rica’s favourite phrase ‘Pura Vida’.


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