Exploring Central Europe with Trafalgar Tours

by Emma Hackwood

Have you always wanted to visit Europe? Flight Centre’s Adelle McIntyre shares her experience exploring the sites of central Europe with Trafalgar. She shares her highlights of the trip with us:
I was fortunate enough to take part in Trafalgar’s Imperial Cities tour which took us to Prague, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich. I had never been on a guided tour before and I always thought that it wouldn’t be for me, but boy was I wrong!  I loved not having to do the planning.  We stayed at centrally-located, quality hotels the entire time.  We didn’t even have to take our own bags to our room.  Our fabulous bus driver Wolfgang dropped them off for us during the daytime while we were out exploring the cities.

St Vikas Cathedral, Europe



Our first stop on our tour was hands-down my favourite – PRAGUE.  You have to see it!  It’s a beautiful city that you can spend hours walking around and around.  I would suggest starting at the Prague Castle (which overlooks the city) and then make your way down the hill into the New Town.  Must sees along the way are the St. Vikas Cathedral – if you can go during High Mass, the choir is heavenly – and the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square.  I would also suggest a Dinner Cruise on the Valtava.  Things to avoid – Czech wine and Czech waiters.  Not the “friendliest” if you know what I mean!  Stick to the beer and you’ll be fine!

Christmas Markets, Europe



A site to be seen for sure!  It really feels like you’re walking around a theme park for us Canadians – all the buildings are old and eclectic and the streets are windy and narrow.  Stop by the Beethoven Haus for some amazing white wine, or go in the winter months to cruise through the Christmas Markets with a glass of warm gluhwein.  You pay a 2 Euro deposit on your mug, so keep it as a souvenir if you like!  If you’re a shopaholic, Vienna’s downtown is the place for you!



When visiting SALZBURG, be sure to check out the Mirabell Gardens.  Scenes from The Sound of Music were shot there.  I suggest going with a guide like we did so you can get the inside story.  Salzburg is also home to the famous composer Mozart.  You can still visit his house.  Also try some of the amazing chocolate truffles that are named after him!  Salzburg is home to many tiny pubs and corner watering holes. Venture out of the box and try some micro-brewed beers made locally.  Edelweis beer is also very good!

Beer, Germany



Finally we ended our journey in wonderful MUNICH.  So much to see and do in this city!  I should have extended my trip to spend a couple more days here.  Definitely check out the indoor and outdoor farmer’s markets.  They’re an amazing place to have some food and drink.  You should also stop by BMW World.  I was in heaven!  Get your picture taken sitting in a Rolls Royce Phantom or a BMW M6.  Make sure you pay a visit to the Haufbrauhaus where beer only comes by the litre.  It’s a two-hander until you’ve drank half of your stein!  Sit with the locals and let them tell you the stories of the Haufbrauhaus!

I would recommend Trafalgar Tours for anyone that’s looking for a more luxury vacation that has lots of culture and history sprinkled in with the perfect balance of planned and free time.  I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back with my family and friends!


Looking fore more information on travelling to Europe? Contact Adelle McIntyre an International Travel Consultant with Flight Centre Market Mall based in Calgary by connecting with her online or calling 1 866-295-4405.