Flight Centre’s Graham Turner Gives $18.5 million to Conservation

by Alyssa Daniells
koala Graham 'Skroo' Turner flight centre

We’re proud to share wonderful news with you from our mates at Flight Centre, Down Under!

Flight Centre, founded by Australian Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner in 1982, was also founded on goodwill.

Over the decades, our company has carried out a guiding mandate, which is to donate a portion of profits to charitable organizations.

In an ongoing commitment to be green in the travel industry, often rife with environmental concerns, Mr. Turner, and his wife Jude, have directed more than $18.5 million AUD to a conservation project in their home state of Queensland.

Working with experts at the University of Queensland, the Turners have made their property outside of Brisbane a conservation area for indigenous species. The Turner Family Foundation runs the Hidden Vale University of Queensland Wildlife Centre. The aim is to conserve precious natural and cultural resources for future generations to enjoy. You could say that in terms of researching landscapes, the university is best in its “field.”

Australia boasts some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna, which boosts its appeal as one of the globe’s most appealing outdoor destinations.

Graham Turner flight centre

Environmentalist Mr. Turner, is a qualified veterinarian, with an enduring, lifelong passion for saving animals. He said this latest objective is to “deliver resilient ecosystems with representative, self-sustaining [endemic] populations… supported by applied scientific research.”

This research he mentions will be ongoing, with the Turner Family Foundation allocating funding for the next 30 years. The generous grant will also pay for building costs, protecting and breeding endangered species, and wildlife rehabilitation.

We can almost hear the round of applause — and round of ap-paws! of both hands and animal paws— for the Turner’s benevolent gift, all the way here in Canada.

Speaking of Canada, while we are connected to our parent company in Australia, Flight Centre Canada operates independently, including our fundraising efforts. Our charity of choice, since we launched here in the 1990s, is Make-A-Wish Foundation. We are dedicated to helping send terminally-ill children to the destinations of their dreams. Flight Centre has also been a long-supporter of the Sandals Foundation, protecting the ocean and communities in the Caribbean.

Recently, we have broadened our efforts to raise money for other charities, including our latest mission, building homes for disenfranchised mothers and children in Guatemala.

We salute our clients, staff and altruistic leader, Graham Turner, for being a shining embodiment of leading by example.


You might think we’re biased, but we truly believe Australia is a mecca for wildlife lovers. Talk to our Australia experts to create an incredible itinerary of amazing Australia. Call 1877 967 5302, click to connect with us online or come visit us in-store!