Get ready, get jet-set! Flight Centre Canada Boxing Day 2017 launches soon!

by Alyssa Daniells

Bargain hunters and travel addicts take note.

You shop duty-free at the airport and keep an eagle on our travel deals. Which is why it only makes sense (and saves dollars and cents) to take advantage of our upcoming Boxing Day sales.

Even if you were on Santa’s naughty list this year, Flight Centre will let you unwrap oh-so-nice Boxing Day travel deals next week.

Boxing Day Sale 2017

flight centre canada boxing day 2017

Missed our epic Black Friday 2017 sale? Our Boxing Day travel deals will be your chance to redeem yourself, simply by redeeming a top-secret promo code to be revealed on December 26th, when Christmas Day ends and Boxing Day Canada begins!

While we can’t tell you right now what destinations are on sale, we know Yule love them!

What is Boxing Day, anyway? Here are some fun facts about the holiday (sports fans may be let down when I say it has nothing to do with the Main Event day.)

Boxing Day Facts

flight centre uk christmas season london tudor buildings at night

  • It gets its name from ‘Christmas box’, the old British name for a Christmas present.
  • The day after Christmas was traditionally when servants had the day off and receive a box from their employer, as well as give boxes to their families.
  • While the day each year differs, Boxing Day always falls on December 26th.
  • It is celebrated in Commonwealth countries, which is why there is Boxing Day in Canada but not in the USA.
  • Black Friday vs. Boxing Day is a common comparison, but Boxing Day Canada began in the late 19th century, while Black Friday, although older in the US, started here in recent years.
  • The holiday is still considered the best day to shop if you don’t mind crowds (and if you do, our Boxing Day travel sales are available online!)

Here’s another fact: we’re about to release the best deals you’ll see this Boxing Day. Come back to our homepage December 26th to click on our Boxing Day Deals 2017!

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