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Getting to Pearson Airport is about to get way easier

If you talk to anyone who makes the commute to Toronto’s International Airport, they’ll tell you it’s a long, expensive or complicated trek to complete. But, thanks to the new Union Pearson Express train (aka UP), catching your Toronto flights at Pearson Airport is about to get way easier.

Making your way to and from the Pearson Airport in Toronto is known to be a pain. Your options are limited, with either an expensive and lengthy taxi ride ahead of you, or a cheaper but much more complicated bus/train combo that makes your entire trip feel a lot lengthier than it has to. But as of June 6th, the Union Pearson Express train will be available to Toronto travellers, and it’s promising to make life a whole lot easier. Here’s what you need to know:

 25 Minute Travel Time

The trip takes 25 minutes each way, and for 19.5 hours of the day, you’ll be able to catch a train every 15 minutes.

Where to Catch It

You’ll be able to hop on the express line at Union Station with the following two stops before arriving at Terminal 1 at Pearson Airport: Bloor Street (east of Dundas Street West), and Weston Road on the GO Transit Kitchener line.


A single adult ticket will run you $27.50, while discounts will be offered for students, seniors, families and children. Fares will be cheaper from the other two stations, and you can save on a ticket with a Presto transit fare card, paying only $19.

The Bonus Points

  • While the train runs on diesel now, it will eventually be converted to electric.
  • Relax while you wait: The Union Station lounge will offer Mill St. Brewery craft beers, Balzac’s Coffee Roasters beverages, and the Drake General Store.
  • In its first year of operation, it is expected that the Union Pearson Express is expected to remove 1.2 million car trips from the road.
  • The new line will create jobs and ease traffic congestion, boosting economic growth for businesses in the GTA and Hamilton.
  • The Ontario Government has promised to have the Union Pearson Express ready and waiting to transport tourists from 41 countries during the Pan Am and Parapan Games in 2015.

What are you thoughts on the new Union Express Train? Will you use it or benefit from the new line? Let us know in the comments below! 

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One Response to Getting to Pearson Airport is about to get way easier

  1. David Harvey says:

    It is not cost effective nor very easy for those of us living in the Eastern part of Toronto. My wife & I live in the Beach, so to take the new train we must lug our luggage (1 carry-on and a suitcase each) up the street and wait for a streetcar to take us to Yonge Street, then transfer to the subway to get to Union Station. By the way, how does one get from the rail terminus at Pearson to the Check-in areas? When we travel we must be at the airport 3 hours prior to flight time. Therefore we must leave the house by at least 5:00am if flying to the Caribbean for a 9:20 flight or leave by at least 4:00pm for a European flight. Think about the availability of public transportation at the hours quoted. Now to price. We do not use the public transportation system much so a Presto card is not necessary. At $27.50 each plus TTC costs a trip would cost us $59.00. For $65.00 we can take a limo directly from our house to the airport without any of the hassel involved in the new system. We will not use it!

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