Harlem Shake Airplane: YouTube Hit Soars to New Heights

by Alyssa Daniells

Did you hear the one about the kid in the banana suit dancing on a plane? Sounds like a joke, and to most the Harlem Shake is—except the Federal Aviation Administration. We’ll let you be the judge; check out the story of one fun-loving Frisbee team’s airborne antics:

Harlem Shake on Airplane

Harlem Shake, the YouTube viral sensation ­that’s spawned imitators worldwide, is no stranger to performances from high above: 7-foot-1 basketball great Shaquille O’Neal notably performed the dance; Red Bull organized a skydiving rendition. It was a group of Colorado students, however, that really took it to new heights—30 thousand feet, in fact.

Travelling to an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in San Diego aboard Frontier Airlines, the students came prepared with bright and tight costumes like those in the original video by Baauer. Passengers on the packed plane broke out into their exuberant dance, naming it Harlem Shake Frontier Flight 157. Despite the students waiting until the seatbelt light was off, U.S. aviation officials are now investigating the gag over safety concerns.

The student version remains a happier story than that of the Australian miners (whose YouTube broadcast resulted in a mass firing by their employer) — Frontier Airlines defended the well-intentioned stunt that has over 4 and a half million YouTube hits and counting.


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