3 Intrepid Adventure Cruises Worth Booking Right Now

by Emese Graham
sailing tours

Travel without fear, guided equally by your conscience and your sense of adventure. This is Intrepid Travel. The carbon-neutral tour provider is bringing its plucky brand of authentic human connection and unflinching experience-seeking to the big blue seas.

Take a look at some of our favourite upcoming Intrepid Travel adventure cruises.

Sustainably Cruise Greece

greece sailing tour

Duration: 8 Days

Start: Mykonos

End: Santorini

Destinations: Naxos, Ios, Small Cyclades & Amorgos

Santorini, you’re my sailmate. Embark on a dreamy blur of sun-bleached villages, turquoise tides, and expansive skyscapes. With fewer than a dozen spots on each cruising, this laidback tour is one of the most exclusive, yet casual ways to experience the Mediterranean. Have your fill of fabled cities, local cuisine, white-sand beaches, and Greek hospitality.

Cruising Spain, Portugal & Morocco

spain portugal morocco sailing tour

Duration: 8 Days

Start: Lisbon

End: Malaga

Destinations: Lisbon, Portimao, Carvoeiro, Huelva, Seville, Tangier, Chefchaouen, Puerto Banus, Ronda, Malaga

Wade through caves and glasses of cava on this colourful tour of three historic coasts. Spend a day soaking up Seville, bask in the culture of the Algarve, pause for bird watching at Ria Formosa National Park. Your cruise continues to Morocco’s tip, where magical moments come out of the blue in the cerulean town of Chefchaouen.

Indonesian Island Cruise

indonesia sailing tour

Duration: 9 Days

Start: Kuta

End: Kuta

Destinations: Bali, Lombok, Moya Island, Satonda Island, Rinca Island, Banta Island, Saringi & Keramat Islands, Bangsal

Look just a little further beyond Bali and catch a glimpse of the Edenic scenes unfolding in dragon country. Your yacht will weave through untouched Indonesian islands like the threads of a sarong. Sea turtles, coral reefs, Komodo dragons, and pristine sandy shores that only the locals frequent. You’ll hike to lonely waterfalls, lunch on barbecue on the beach, walk through terraced rice paddies, and swim to your heart’s content.


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