Taste Jamaica! Best Resorts for Farm to Table Dining (And Why It Matters)

by Emese Graham
a man and woman smile while sipping cocktails at a breezy table by the beach

Do you want the good new first or the bad news?

Let’s start with the bad: the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all hard, but it’s had a really tough impact in Jamaica, where travel represents one of the country’s largest economy drivers.

Okay. Now ready for the good news?

Jamaica has a plan for pandemic recovery, and you can be a part of it by supporting Jamaican farmers!

Jamaica’s Ministry of Tourism is taking steps to incorporate more locally grown foods into travel businesses. By booking your trip to Jamaica with tours and hotels that partner with local farmers (instead of importing their ingredients), you can help Jamaica’s agriculturalists bounce back faster from the pandemic.

Top 5 Jamaican Resorts for Locally Sourced Food

1. Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

This sprawling Montego Bay resort boasts ten distinct dining venues – each of them serving only locally-sourced produce. So whether you’re enjoying Caribbean dishes at HoriZons, Blue Mountain coffee at GrindZ, or sharing a pizza at Di Roza, you’ll be tasting the freshest Jamaican fruits, herbs, and veggies.

2. Sandals South Coast

90% of Jamaican Sandals resorts’ produce are harvested locally, including the stunning Sandals South Coast. You and your better half will have one romantic meal after another featuring farm-fresh ingredients on every seasonal menu.

3. Hotel Mockingbird Hill (BIPOC-Owned!)

Savour the views of the Caribbean Sea from this lovely Port Antonio boutique hotel. Your meals are thoughtfully prepared (and never rushed), using fresh ingredients from fair and organic community growing projects and the hotel’s own garden. Enjoy Ital cuisine, vegan, vegetarian, or I’ll-have-one-of-everything dining in true Jamaican style.

Expert Tips

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4. Jakes Hotel

Not only do Jakes Hotels’ seasonal menus rely on local farmers for produce and grains, the hotel makes a point of partnering with local fishers, too. Best of all, on every full moon, guests can enjoy special Farm to Table Dinners at Old Wharf Beach, along with the people who cultivated the whole spread.

5. Moon Palace Jamaica

As a part of Palace Resorts, Moon Palace Jamaica has made a commitment to acquiring goods locally as much as possible in order to support the communities and businesses nearby. While the resort still serves imported ingredients in its tasty restaurants, you will be feasting on plenty of homegrown foods, too.

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