The Best Travel Attractions to Visit in Maui

by Alyssa Daniells
Maui attractions

Voted by Conde Nast Traveler as the “Best Island in the World” 16 times (!) it’s safe to say Maui offers many attractions. The operative word here is “attraction” — both in terms of how attractive Maui’s sheer beauty is, and by how many people are drawn there and draw inspiration from there. From the sleeping giant that is Haleakala, to the Humpback giants that come every year to migrate and mate, here is a selection of our favourite Maui attractions for your better beach vacation.

1. Haleakala


The world’s largest dormant volcano is something to behold. With an organized tour, you can hike Haleakala’s crater, which has a diameter of 34 kilometres and depth of 1219 metres, more than double Canada’s tallest freestanding structure, the CN Tower. Not enough of a visual for you? Put it this way, the crater is large enough for the entire island of Manhattan to fit inside.

2. Humpback Whales


Hawaii is considered among the top places in the whole world for whale watching. Maui’s welcoming weather draws tourists from around the globe; similarly, its warm and shallow waters attract majestic humpback whales from mid-November to early-April. Over 12,000 Humpback Whales– two-thirds of the North Pacific population– migrate from Alaska to Hawaii each year to breed, birth and nurse their calves.

3. Ali’I Kula Lavender Farm


In Maui, the grass is proverbially, and literally, greener. Sometimes, though, it’s purple. Visit the soothing vales of Ali’l Kula Lavender Farm. The drive itself is tranquil and scenic, but wait until you arrive at the sprawling — acre farm. And inhale the soothing lavender. A known relaxation scent, it’s like stepping out into a spa treatment with its aromatherapeutic properties. Join a guided tour of the farm or explore at your leisure. Treat yourself to lavender-almost-anything, from lavender coffee to lavender chocolate, lavender body butter to lavender pet shampoo.

 4. Old Lahaina Luau


As we mentioned in our Maui things to do list, a luau is a must. The most popular is the Old Lahaina Luau. Tickets for this vibrant feast include entertainment and an open bar. Upon entry, you are gifted with a floral garland, or lei, and a tropically adorned welcome cocktail. The sumptuous dinner is accompanied by beautiful Hawaiian music, dancing and acts. Prior to the buffet being served, you can see the traditional kalua pig unearthed from the underground imu, the traditional rock oven.

5. Kaanapali Beach


Its loyal locals and many fans still proudly reference Kaanapali’s once-reigning title as “America’s Best Beach.” Once home to Hawaiian royalty, you’ll now find luxury hotels and resorts along its 5 kilometres of white, powdery sand. Enjoy excellent snorkelling and sun-basking opportunities. As the sun goes down, make your way to Black Rock, where you can observe traditional cliff jumpers performing their nightly ceremony. For a quieter, more off-the-beaten-path beach to explore, we also recommend Big Beach (also known as Makena Beach.) Its golden sands are undeveloped, offering plenty of room to stretch out and watch the crashing waves.

Maui Attractions — Almost there!

Let’s customize your Maui vacation to include all the Maui attractions you wish to see. We’re excited to show you the countless possibilities to create an even better Hawaiian holiday than you’ve imagined.

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