Most Interesting Craft Beer Around the World

by Daniel Nikulin
Craft beer around the world

Get your beer goggles on as we spotlight the best craft beer from around the world. Annually, September 7th is National Beer Lover’s Day. Celebrate along with us but remember to always do so responsibly.

Think you know where to get the best Gose on tap? Hold our beer. Canada may be known for its strong suds but we aren’t the only ones getting kudos for brilliant brews. From the Lagers and Pilsners of Germany and the Czech Republic to whistle-wetting Witbier in Belgium and even seductive Shanghai and Scandinavian suds, here are our picks for the best craft beer destinations you should hop to now. 

It’s beer o’clock somewhere!


As recommended by Sam Melkic

Craft beer in Belgium

Go for: Belgian lambics, gueuze, Flanders red ale

Pucker up! Perhaps the most popular beer in North America of late has been the Sour, and no one brews it better than Belgium. Lambic beers, like the Sour and Gose, originated here and are easily found throughout the country, as well as on every ‘Best Beer in the World’ list, year after year. Dry and cidery with a tart aftertaste, they’re light yet satisfying, and as flavourful as wine. And if Belgium’s bonanza of beer doesn’t get you, the chocolate surely will. Santé!    


Ontario, Canada

As recommended by Sylvia Sadowska

Craft beer in Ontario, Canada

Go for: Gruit Ales, Milkshake IPA’s, brewpub tour

British Columbia and Quebec may disagree, but Ontario has been stealing the show in Canada lately, led by adventurous Bellwoods Brewery offerings and Beau’s Brewing’s super-retro Gruit Ales. Other independent brewers making a splash include Bandit Brewery for their Milkshake IPA’s, Hockley Beer and their Dark, and Blood Brothers Brewing. And that’s just scratching the surface. Ontario is ripe for a brewpub tour, whether you’re in Hamilton, Muskoka or downtown Toronto. Cheers!



As recommended by Daniel Nikulin

Craft beer in Germany

Go for: Oktoberfest witbier steins, dirndls & lederhosen

Any country that throws a two to three-week-long beer bash deserves our attention and Germany’s ode to the cold one, also known as Oktoberfest, surely fits the bill. Stein on in Munich’s famous beer tents, elbow-to-elbow with both fun-loving locals and tourists alike, chasing down monster beers with schnitzel, pretzel and sausages, surrounded by dirndls and lederhosen. But it isn’t just Munich and Oktoberfest. Superb beer can be found throughout the country, from Berlin’s refreshing wheat beers to Cologne’s Kölsch. Prost!

Pro Tip: Hit Oktoberfest’s midway rides before hitting the beer tents. Trust me. 


Shanghai, China

As recommended by Jessica Pong

Go for: the experience of a Chinese pub 

China is now the biggest market in the world for beer, second only to its cultural cornerstone, tea. If you’re ale-ing in Asia, Shanghai is where you want to be. Boxing Cat offers both their own brews as well as guest beers on rotating taps. Opposite Boxing Cat is Daga, your best bet for the widest selection of small-batch local craft beers (60 taps and 50 bottles!). World of Beer serves up the widest selection of international beers in the city with over 40 taps and 300 bottles on hand. Then there’s The Rooster, Hop Project and Hooked, which pairs craft beer with fish n’ chips. We say you try them all. Gānbēi!




As recommended by Sylvia Sadowska

Go for: Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen (MBCC), each May.

Whether you’re in your Carlsberg years or younger, Danish beer craftsmanship is undeniable. Scandinavia knows its suds and has long exported its expertise across the pond. Since 2006, Mikkeller Brewery, and later its Brooklyn offshoot, Evil Twin, have been turning heads with their experimental one-off batches. In Denmark, Mikkeller even hosts an annual spring beer festival (go). It has paired their brews with bites in everything from ramen houses to Michelin starred restaurants and keeps going strong. Skål!   


Czech Republic

As recommended by Daniel Nikulin

Go for: classic Czech pilsner in a glass, a Beer Spa (yes, really)

After a tour around the world chasing the latest beer trend, it’s comforting to sit down with a classic Czech Pilsner. The small town of Plzen brewed the first recorded said brew, perfected it and is still kicking ale. Budweiser, now known here as Budvar, puts the American version to shame. Besides the world-famous Pilsner Urquell, try a Staropramen, Kozel or pop into any small town for their local brew. Per capita, the Czechs drink the most beer in the world, so bow down to the masters and be grateful for their work. We are. Na zdraví!


Is the promise of a tasty pint reason enough to get on a plane? We think so. Our Expert Travellers (and expert beer drinkers!) know a thing or two about which beer is poured best where, and we’re glad they shared. Hey, we can even get you there! 


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