It’s National Aviation Day!

by Alyssa Daniells

Today is National Aviation Day in the USA.  Our neighbours to the south declare this an Observation Day, which, before we all start petitioning the Prime Minister, does not mean a holiday from work. It commemorates the invention of the airplane and aviation’s amazing advancements since then. This year marked the event’s 75th anniversary.

Depending on a current President’s proclamation of National Aviation Day, the American flag may be flown on federal buildings and institutions to observe the holiday.

wright brothersIn 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared August 19th as the first Aviation Day, honouring Orville Wright, whose birthday was on this day in 1871. He, along with his brother Wilbur Wright, was an aviation pioneer, building the first successful flying airplane. Sadly, Wilbur died in 1912, and unlike Orville, did not live to see this tribute. (The world’s worst case of sibling rivalry was, however, averted.) Modern aviation as we know it is attributed to the famous Wright Brothers.

While many attempted to become the first humans in flight, often with dire or comical consequences, Orville and Wilbur’s “flying machine” was an earth-shattering (or sky-shattering!) breakthrough. Their experimental gears enabled a pilot to steer the aircraft whilst maintaining equilibrium in the air. The incredibly inventive Wright Brothers realized a dream that likely spanned eons and trail-blazed aeronautical innovation today.

There are a number of ways to celebrate Aviation Day. You could stick tar and feathers to your body or make your own “flying machine”, but we don’t recommend these, as two wrongs don’t make a “Wright.” Instead, why not book a flight somewhere?

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