Our Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

by Emma Hackwood
Honeymoon destinations list

Getting married or know someone who is? Wedding and Honeymoon vacations from Flight Centre offer you an incredible variety from romantic couples’ resorts to all inclusives. From Tropical islands, to vibrant cities, we share our Top 10 Honeymoon destinations to celebrate your love.

st lucia beach


1. St. Lucia

This island’s lush green landscape and picturesque volcanic cones that rise high above the island make St lucia a caribbean sanctuary where you can enjoy therapeutic hot volcanic water baths and amazing diving. We recommend: Luxury Included® accommodation at Sandals la Toc Golf  Resort & Spa from $489/night


2. Paris

Paris is a city you can’t help fall in love with and share with your loved one. Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world there is so much to see in Paris; visit the shimmering Eiffel tower up-close or from the banks of the Seine River, have a lazy picnic in the Jardin du Luxembourg or experience the famous Louvre Museum. We recommend: Dinner at Eiffel Tower & Seine River cruise from $199/person.


3. Fiji

The pristine white sand beaches, tropical flowers, azure water and breathtaking sunsets make Fiji an obvious choice for a romantic honeymoon. You will feel the love and laughter everywhere you go in Fiji and will quickly be saying “Bula” to everyone you meet. We recommend: Couples golf & spa package from $193/person


4. Argentina

Argentina offers romance, adventure, fantastic food and outstanding attractions. Explore the wine region of Mendoza, feel the power of the famous Iguazu falls or go shopping amongst the historic building in Buenos aires. there is so much diversity is argentina. We recommend: Dinner and tango show from $143/person.


5. New York

New York has something for every couple. If you are ‘foodies’, New York city is a gastronomic heaven. If you love the theatre, take in a one of many Broadway shows and if you love to shop, there are endless stores. also, nothing is lovelier than strolling through New York’s central park in the fall. We recommend: the Waldorf Astoria from $378/night.


6. Hawaii

With six romantic islands to choose from, Hawaii was tailor-made for two. Sip wine while listening to the ocean, stroll the beaches or watch the sunrise atop the Haleakala Volcano. Popular choices for Hawaii include: Maui, Honolulu, Kauai, and Kona. We recommend: the Westin Maui Resort & Spa from $426/night.


7. Rome

What better spot to honeymoon than Rome in Italy with its romance, magnificent scenery, architecture and history. You can spend your day lazing in cafés with locals and tourists or go exploring the many sights. We recommend: cooking lesson in Roman countryside from $199/person.


8. Portugal

Portugal offers a rich, unique culture, lively cities, amazing beaches and beautiful countryside. Wander through vineyards and olive groves, get active surfing or mountain biking, relax at a beachside resort in the algarve or explore the cosmopolitan cities of Madrid and Barcelona. We recommend: Sheraton Algarve from $190/night.


9. Bermuda

Bermuda is honeymoon paradise of pink sand beaches, dramatic coastlines and turquoise water. consisting of approximately 180 islands linked by bridges, all of the islands offer lush vegetation, unique wildlife and beautiful beaches. We recommend: Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa from $474/night.


10. Thailand

From the mountains in the north to the beaches in the south, there is no place in Asia that can offer such a diverse blend of top-notch experiences. Thailand is a dream destination if you’re planning a honeymoon or just want a romantic getaway in an exotic location.  We recommend: Chaweng Regent Beach Resort from $344/night



Have another great Honeymoon destination? Share it with us! For more information about booking your upcoming honeymoon contact one of our Wedding & Honeymoon specialist today, at 1-866-317-4795 or checking out our honeymoon section right here on our website! Cheers and happy honeymooning!