Porter Airlines Baggage Policy Update

by Daniel Nikulin

Last week, a Porter Airlines baggage policy update ushered in a new era for domestic airline travellers as they become the first Canadian carrier to charge passengers for checking-in their luggage on routes within Canada. As they continue to impress with complimentary in-flight drinks and snacks, it will now cost you an additional $25 for your first checked bag.

While far from a first in terms of additional charges levied by airlines, Porter Airlines is the first carrier to charge such a fee for travel not originating or going to the U.S., something Air Canada was almost forced to do to keep in line with its U.S. airline competitors. And while Air Canada doesn’t see the additional checked baggage charge on domestic routes as something they are looking to adopt in the very near future, rumblings indicate that WestJet may eventually follow Porter’s lead.

It may be time to re-visit what and how you pack as Porter’s carry-on baggage policy remains the same, keeping items carried in-cabin, with size and weight restrictions, of course, free of charge.


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